Brick Hand wanted – Apply inside

Ignatz was first disdaining the advertised job of “brick hand”, but according to the printed subhead “Ignatz Will Love His Work” he does get employment at the Kelly brick yard. What accomplished this turnaround? Was it seeing Krazy Kat working there in panel 3? Will he be a “brick hand” or something else?

Maybe some answers are contained in the dialog written under the entrance archway in panel 4, which I really can’t make out.


  1. There’s no dialogue under the sign in panel 4, that’s just bricks. And I doubt this goes any deeper than “Ignatz likes to throw bricks at Krazy.”

  2. Ignatz throws bricks at Krazy as often as he can. In this job both his favorite target and favorite ammunition will be close at hand, so he is willing to do manual labor to get the opportunity.

    He seems a bit disgruntled as he walks in, though. Maybe he feels he is being forced by fate to take the job.

  3. “He seems a bit disgruntled as he walks in, though. Maybe he feels he is being forced by fate to take the job.”

    I thought this at first too, but I zoomed in a little closer to the last panel, and are those dust clouds behind Ignatz, as if he’s rushing in? If so, maybe it’s that he’s done a complete 180 on his previous attitude because, as stated, his fave target and ammo are so readily available with this job opportunity.

  4. The dust clouds arising from his feet look like a pair of hearts. Ignatz always seemed to have a crush on Krazy Kat, which is probably the reason he changed his mind about taking the job: it’s primarily for the enhanced proximity, rather than for the ammunition. I think this strip may have predated (or was the origin of) his habitual brick throwing.

  5. I think it’s the other way around. Krazy Kat is in love with Ignatz, who in turn detests Krazy Kat and all he/she stands for. I’d never interpreted it as a crush, but more of an obsession to do him/her harm. The ‘dust cloud’ on the left does resemble a heart somewhat, but why are they coming out of his feet and not from his head or body where other speed lines are drawn?

  6. In the P.S. I added to my comment in the “Rubber Ducky” post, I applauded the explanation that has been added to the “retro” category, and included a link to it. If you click on that category link (either in my comment or in the tags below the headline, to the left of the “Little King” comic), this thread shows up as the second post in the list.

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