1. I love the O’Keefe. It’s just…er…dripping with sensuality.

    @Chak, I’m glad he didn’t venture to do a Judy Chicago 🙂 .

  2. I felt the Monet might have been fine if he hadn’t used black lines.
    As for Dali, I found tall extended naked women but couldn’t find anything like the little black-line things in any of Dali’s works.
    I didn’t understand the Van Gogh at first because (Ha!) I had suddenly forgotten that I was looking at Christmas trees (and had to go back and look at the title.)

  3. Considering Pollock’s work was non-figurative, his inclusion in the comic doesn’t quite work for me.

    Who was Giacometti?

  4. I saw the 2017 film about Giacometti, called Final Portrait and starring Geoffrey Rush, Arnie Hammer and Clémence Poésy, directed by Stanley Tucci. As you can see from the trailer, apparently his studio was rather a grey mess. Half the movie seems to be in black and white and then you realise in fact it isn’t.

  5. The Giacometti reminds me of a wooden version of the Festivus pole. Lightweight, very strong, no tinsel (too distracting).

  6. Part 2 just appeared on GoComics, and I rushed over here to post a comment. Oh, somebody beat me to it!

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