Clean up this joke

Usual John sent this in, noting “Attic cleaning month? It looks like five minutes to sweep away the cobwebs and he’s done. What in the world is the Wizard talking about?”

So, is this just poor execution, which would be cleared up by drawing more stuff in that attic (so it looks more like mine)? Or is there something specific about the objects up here, either the wheel or the box circled in red in the second picture?

Misogynist or Misogooseist?

Brian in STL sent this, commenting:

There is dispute in comments as to whether the Wiz is angry because his wife corrected him and he is going to “zap” her or whether he’s mad because he hates geese and is going to do something about that. People having personal experience with geese (including me) tend towards the latter.

Anyone who has had Canada Geese (not “Canadian” Geese!) in their neighborhood can well imagine it’s the birds he’s mad at, but it sure seems unclear.