DeathMatch! update

Two more for Death today. I assume the Bizarro is somehow related to “cummerbund” and “moribund” sounding a little sort of alike (though I’m open to other suggestions); and the Buni is a full-fledged CIDU.

Well, it doesn’t have to make sense to earn a point.


Submitted by Andréa

buni bones

So that’s Death 4, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0.

Non-participant Pinocchio is hanging in there with 3.

(And I assume the joke here is that a puppet made out of driftwood will become a drifter)

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EDITED TO ADD: Okay, “Oh no, I’m just here for your Yogurt” Grim Reaper only,  Which returns us to Death 2, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0. 

Pinocchio must be enjoying this.