1. I don’t pretend to any apian expertise, but I guess the point of the first one is that an aggressive type of bee has gotten a tattoo of the stripes of a calmer honeybee to get past the alerting defenses of humans. (Can a bee’s surface layer take tattooing like human or large-animal skins can?)

  2. Ha ha, WordPress Reader mode searches out articles from WP blogs related to something you’re reading, without you asking for a search, and even if these blogs are not any you’ve followed or even read once. I was a bit puzzled why it was suggesting these articles on Nigerian politics, until I looked at the words and names.

    POLITICS: APC plans Buni, Oyetola, Bello’s removal from caretaker team, eyes interim exco

    PDP Heads To Court, Seeks Buni’s Removal as Yobe Governor

  3. I agree with deety’s first post. A little research suggests that it may be the ‘great black wasp’ in the comic. There are pictures and details here:


    If you can’t be bothered to check it out, I think the key details are here: “The great black wasp, as you might imagine, is black in color. Unlike other wasps, they do not have stripes or other markings. They have the standard wasp body with large wings, large head and eyes, a very tiny, thin waist and then a large back end. What sets the great black wasp apart from others is that they can grow up to 1 – 1.3 inches in length. The bigger black wasps are the females and they are the ones who carry the powerful stinger.”

    As for deety’s question, I doubt it. I would think you’d have to apply cartoon physics to make it work.

  4. However, the tattooed “wasp” doesn’t have the same-shaped body as the non-tattooed wasp, which does seem to clearly be a great black wasp. More confusion may arise if that was indeed the cartoonist’s intent, and a trained entomologist would never go for this.

  5. Ah, Chak’s analysis makes perfect sense to me! I couldn’t get over the fact that bees aren’t normally aggressive. And I would add that the tattooed mosquito is perhaps the female of the couple.

  6. Mosquitoes? I don’t think they look anything like them. Especially given the prominent stinger both have. And Panel 2 says “sting” not “bite”.

  7. I don’t know, Le Vieux Lapin may have been just including it as a kind of synchro — spotting another comic about tattoos. If not a full CIDU, it does make one wonder why the grill marks could be a popular tattoo among this population. But Folly may have it, the grill is a major life hazard for them, and some may want to show off that they’ve survived/escaped it.

    It’s charming that Deety’s reader mode caught the Buni name and suggested sites about a real-world person with that name!

  8. Years ago a meat company came out with raw steaks that had grill marks on them. I don’t know whether they were painted, stamped or tattooed. The point was that the diner chef could cook the meat on that big hot flat surface and it would look like it had been done on the barbecue grill. I bet our tattooed hot dog is headed for a street vendor’s vat of boiling water.

  9. Also rather true-to-life is that the tattoo artist is himself heavily decorated.

  10. If you like the work a tattoo artist is wearing, and it includes good stuff on their back, ask who did that for them, and that’s the one to go to! 🙂

    [Adapted from similar joke / puzzle about a barbershop — which in the hands of Car Talk may have been the origins of their catchphrase “an urgent haircut”.]

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