1. Maybe the chef is really good at origami? I suppose tissue paper is gluten free and vegan, but I wouldn’t want to eat it. Maybe it’s a comment on how boring and bland gluten free and vegan stuff (supposedly) is?

  2. Ha, good one with that CRISPR!

    Do you see the “tissue paper” as a last-minute change from just “tissue” as the latter might have felt tied to animal anatomy? Though we do I think sometimes speak of “plant tissue”?

  3. Actually, the idea of a ‘generic tissue’ that can be adapted, as needed, to the shape and taste of a vegetable or animal muscle tissue (meat) in the kitchen, works better for me than the tissue paper text. Maybe a fail in the editing process.

  4. I think what the waitress is saying with “tissue paper” is that the menu’s wording is fake. So if you want something not on the menu, like vegan or gluten-free, the chef will whip up something in the back and we’ll lie to you about that, too.

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