1. I thought at first it was a time-lapse of a single flower, but now I’m thinking four flowers…

  2. No, it’s nothing to do with any virus, it’s much simpler than that: rabbits eat flowers.

  3. @Kilby
    Maybe…but today’s comics is about toilet paper shortages and the comic two days before the above was about flattening the curve.

  4. So I wanted to come up with something about flowers emerging from the crypts three days later but… I couldn’t come up with anything….

  5. Flowers have no reason to be afraid of COVID-19. They do have a reason to be afraid of a buni.

  6. Makes me think of the studio cartoon where a newly-hatched bird looks around at the world and closes its egg back up again.

  7. Depends on the flower. Many are quite hardy. The violets have been blooming for about a week.

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