1. I saw another Flash Cards joke comic today, but I think it was on social media rather than the newspaper, so it wouldn’t count as synchronicity.

  2. Was just reading about the ill-fated demolition of a beached whale carcass in Oregon c. 45 years ago. I learned that whale carcasses are now burned in place. Was this what started the Notre Dame fire? I’ll see myself out.

  3. I like the staff picks! I wonder if it would be better or worse if the picks displayed were actually different models and might represent the recommendation sense more directly.

  4. Powers, I’m guessing that the combination of clothes and the fronts of the cards themselves are covering human features, based on the flesh colored legs of the perp.

  5. Was just reading about the ill-fated demolition of a beached whale carcass in Oregon

    That’s one of those things that sounds like an Urban Legend but really did happen.

  6. I think if the picks in the first cartoon (which I liked a lot) were different models, some of us would spend a lot of time trying to winkle out some significance between each one’s appearance and the accompanying name. (As it was, I wondered if having “Bob” and “Ray” next to each other was meant as a tribute, but then decided there were not an obvious Al, Jan, Karlos, and Fran to continue the pattern, so probably not.)

  7. Brian in STL-
    I first heard about the Great Whale Explosion in a Dave Barry column (and he was not making this up!)

  8. Shrug, despite the other names having no real significance, once he’d written Bob, Ray just might have seemed appropriate.

  9. The squiggly lines coming up from around the front of the whale — do they indicate the body is already detriorating? Are they smell lines, or bugs flying around? (I think there are blobs at the head of the trails, so flies maybe?)

  10. @ bpostow – I thought I understood this one perfectly, at least until you mentioned the petunias. Where do they fit in?

  11. and the only thing that ran through the mind of the bowl of petunias was “Oh no, not again!”

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