DeathMatch! update

Two more for Death today. I assume the Bizarro is somehow related to “cummerbund” and “moribund” sounding a little sort of alike (though I’m open to other suggestions); and the Buni is a full-fledged CIDU.

Well, it doesn’t have to make sense to earn a point.


Submitted by Andréa

buni bones

So that’s Death 4, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0.

Non-participant Pinocchio is hanging in there with 3.

(And I assume the joke here is that a puppet made out of driftwood will become a drifter)

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EDITED TO ADD: Okay, “Oh no, I’m just here for your Yogurt” Grim Reaper only,  Which returns us to Death 2, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0. 

Pinocchio must be enjoying this.



  1. I didn’t even notice the heart shape! I thought Death somehow constructed his gf from the bones in the first panel, and then showed her where she came from.

  2. After I submitted the Bizarro/Wayno, I came to the realization that it didn’t HAVE to be DEATH; ALL skeletons that walk around are dead. Otherwise, in this comic, there would be TWO DEATHS.

  3. I say simple skeletons shouldn’t count. To count for DEATH, it needs to be The Grim Reaper himself.

  4. On the other hand, since Death is a recurring character in the Buni strips it would skew the results to count them. I say they should be excluded.

  5. PETE: I think the disagreement was about the two skeletons in the Bizarro/Wayno comic, not the Buni one, altho I do agree they, too, should be excluded.

    Are you keeping track of all this, CIDUBill??

  6. Making ornaments from skeletons (heart-shaped or otherwise) is not for the Grim Reaper alone. Do an image search for “sedlec ossuary”.

  7. I have several books illustrating ossuaries. Fascinating. My parents visited the Catacombs of Paris, which are, I believe, closed now, or open only by appointment.

  8. I see there are quite a few restrictions now, even tho it isn’t completely closed. The steps alone would keep me from going there, nowadays. In my youth, perhaps, but I once spent only about an hour in Paris and that was long enough for me.

  9. When Pinocchio’s brother ran away, Pinocchio was so sad that he stopped eating and almost died. Geppetto regretted that he had carved him out of pine.

  10. I agree that all Wayno has to offer is the very weak relationship between “cummerbund” and “moribund”. Not much of a joke, but it did lead me to look up the meaning of “moribund” (“approaching death”), which now means that I have to dig up Peter Gabriel’s first solo album and listen to the lyrics of “Moribund the Burgermeister“, which is probably the only place I have ever seen the word used before this.

  11. P.S. I agree with Powers et al.: mere skeletons are just dead people, and not really “Death”. As far as I see it, none of the four pictured here should count.

  12. Quoth Kilby: …“moribund” (“approaching death”), which now means that I have to dig up Peter Gabriel…

    Surely he’s not dead yet?!

  13. @ larK – <sarcasm&gtHa, ha, ha</sarcasm&gt. Depending on the width of your screen, I could understand that “first solo album” might get wrapped to the next line, but there’s no way that WordPress would chop the “‘s” off of “Gabriel‘s“.

  14. Kilby: I was not trying to suggest that that was in any way a faithful representation of your post (other than, you know, quoting it exactly…); I was showing my stream of consciousness as I was reading it: Prime concept death, “moribund”, actual word “death”, now we are “digging up”, death primed, so “digging up a grave” is on deck, next comes a person, holistic scan of word shape triggered long before actual reading of individual letters because I know that name — Alert! Peter Gabriel is dead! Kilby is digging up his grave!

  15. WAYNO blogged today: “The Reaper moves beyond the shroud, and goes for a bespoke (bespook?) ensemble.”

    So HE meant this to be DEATH getting a new suit, tailored by a skeleton. I guess.

  16. Today is Thursday (well, technically it is Friday 2:15 am) and I normally read (and at least start to read) CIDU on Mondays so I am reading a bit quickly to catch up.

    I missed that the bones formed a heart shape and that one was female. I thought that one “death” showed the few bones it had and the other was showing off the large collection it had.

    Missed the Valentine’s reference completely.

    And now since I said that it was Friday 2:17 (now) – Happy Valentine’s Day – and I hope that you and your Valentine have better than a pile of bones to share.

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