1. I can’t figure out what is happening to the robin. I assume it’s something morbid, but not every New Yorker cartoonist is as good as Addams.

  2. Thanks, Arthur. The robin’s chest is so white that I mistook it for grass, and thought that the bird had been sliced into two pieces by the wire.

  3. I do think they are all funny, but the one with the girls perpetuates the unhealthy attitude that girls must resist sex and boys must vigourously push for it, rather than both parties being to resprectfully explore, set, and respect each other’s desires and limits.

  4. @ SingaporeBill – Perhaps it’s simply her healthy attitude that she wants to set a limit for Jared, which he appears unwilling to respect. Nobody said that just because he wants to explore that she has to want that, too (at least not with him).

  5. I think the “end of the rainbow” saying means that rainbow met its end–killed, stuffed and mountain

  6. I think the robin’s breast is white because it is wearing one of those racing vest thingees (usually with a racer’s number on it.). A case where too much attention to detail causes more confusion.

  7. Powers, Jared isn’t much of a player.

    And alas, if he hasn’t gotten there yet, he might have to wait a while now.

  8. Regarding the robin, you would think cartoonists, when they create large drawings, would consider how legible they’ll look shrunk down.

    You’d be wrong.

  9. Jared did not bring any jewelry from his store to help him? Or is the president’s son in law stepping out on first daughter?

    As to the two intelligent women – how many eligible young men would love to rescue two damsels in distress who have both their oars (lost) in the water?

  10. If Jared were clever, he’d argue that First Base was unsafe these days, so they should skip right over to Second.

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