Family is everything

From Le Vieux Lapin, who says “I get the part where the mobsters aren’t giving him concrete overshoes after all – but why THREE footprints?”.

By the way, in case you were wondering if they are generic or unaffiliated mobsters, the helpful alt hover text says “The Mafia Brothers”.


  1. I assume all three are the Mafia Bros and they each leave one footpaw. Why not two feetpew each? The disc would have to be much bigger, perhaps – but probably mainly because Maw is a widow and each missing paw represents their missing Paw.

    Mild confusion would have been lessened if all the paws were right paws… two right and one wrong paw might suggest one bear put in both rear paws and another one his sinister rear paw.

  2. Never mind all the sinister/dexter stuff, or the symbolic widowhood speculation, what about the fact that in the last frame the concrete plaque being held out to Mom clearly has the pawprints on the smaller side. But given the shape of the bowl, it would have been the other way round….

  3. Targuman, since your questioning seems to invite comment on the spelling, I might note for you that the usual issue is near the beginning of the word: it’s memento not momento. The mem- is, uh, memorable as relating the word to the memory family.

  4. And they’re bears, so if they did two paws each, they really should do all 4…and then the plaque is a manhole cover!

  5. Dana, Yes, thank you! I did misspell with the “o” instead of “e” (and I should no better! ;-). But I was trying a lame pun on feet, “toes.”

  6. Targuman – “I did misspell with the “o” instead of “e” […] But I was trying a lame pun on feet, “toes.””

    you should have braved it out by claiming you were also making a pun on Mom/Mom-entoe.

    Hoe hoe.

  7. “None of them seems to have feet, so how could those imprints occur?”

    When they realized the problem, they faked it by ordering a mockup from “way down yonder in the paw-paw patch.”

  8. Two are twins are required to dress as same?

    Having checked with my vast (stuffed/figurine/etc) bear collection and having asked around the Teddy Village (currently helping the Thanksgiving reenactors pack and leave while awaiting the Christmas decoration of the tree in the center of town and the huge crowds which come and overfill the village ) that seems to be the consensus – and I am hoping I did not give any of them any ideas.

    And yes, there is Teddy Village in our house which is changed between monthly and seasonally and I need to help them make the change from Thanksgiving to Christmas – the latter being how the Village was started

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