1. The sitting tree is having her hair (leaves) done at a beauty parlor. She likes the resulting (autumn) colors in the third panel, but is shocked when it all falls out in the last panel. I would guess that part of the problem was that this 2019 strip seems out of place in late February, but there’s an obvious connection to the disastrous effects that harsh chemicals used to dye hair sometimes cause.
    P.S. Before anyone asks, the “humor” is supposed to be “other people’s misfortunes”, a common staple in Buni.

  2. The Humour in Buni often comes from anthropomorphism of inanimate objects. Here, a tree’s leaves change to brown in Autumn, then are shed at the start of Winter. This is imagined as the tree getting a dye job, then later losing her hair.

  3. I once saw an episode of “Family Matters” where the ladies go out and treat themselves to a fantastic new hairdo. They all love their new hair, but a few days later all their hair falls out, making them realize that the place where they got their hair done uses shady products.

    I got the same vibe from this cartoon. It also works with the visual pun that fall colors make trees look like red-heads, and that their “hair” will soon fall out with the advent of winter.

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