1. In college I had three National Honor Society roommates, two of whom were physics majors. We would each invite a date over and put colored lightbulbs in the lamps and call that a party.
    As a senior, I moved down the hall with three juniors. They would buy a keg and charge admission from all comers to make money. Our carpet was bright orange but at the end of each trimester ten weeks later was dark brown and had to be steam cleaned. Party hearty.
    Can’t say which as I preferred more; each had its merits, dontcha know.

  2. Tuba Christmas is a thing nationwide. Maybe 40 tubas of all sizes and shapes. Possibly a solid white one or one with lights on it but no other instruments, all playing the favorites in a church or in a public square. All volunteer locals with a band leader rehearsing that morning and performing later. Enjoyable and what a hoot. Normally a few venues in each state.

  3. The juxtaposition of XKCD next to Andertoons reminded me of a recent report in the German news media: someone is working on a filter system for brass instruments, to permit them to be played in front of an audience, without acting as a viral aerosol projection system.

  4. Tuba? What tuba? I see a sousaphone. Yes, some dictionaries define z sousaphone as “a form of tuba” but a distinction is a distinction. Uniquely, I am amazingly devastated by the shockingly incredible lack of precision in current English usage.

  5. Usually the trope is a person looking for misplaced keys or phone etc.; the BUNI just reversed the process, to (very mild) humorous effect.

  6. I quite liked the Buni one, though maybe it would have been funnier if he had been looking for his key and phone while they were looking for him, suggesting that the reason you can’t find your lost items is not that you have forgotten where you left them in a fit of absent-mindedness but that they are actively moving about the house trying to reconnect with you.

  7. I don’t usually read Buni, a little too dark for me. It’s a giggle watching him hide from the necessities of going out.
    “Got my wallet, got my glasses, got my phone, got my keys.” Now I need to add “Got my mask” to the mnemonic.

  8. I LOLd at the Buni when I saw it, and almost submitted it, but then I made a bet with myself that it would show up here. I win!

  9. I sent this one –

    to my vet to see if she’d ever had this in her vet clinic. I suppose there are vets who specialize in ‘exotic pets’, but SHE isn’t one, she said.

  10. @ Andréa – There was a similar gag in Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.”: the Medusa receptionist that Mike is chasing returns after her arrest with a big cone on her neck, and little cones on each one of her snakes:

  11. @ Olivier – Excellent! I was about to object, but then I realized you meant literally (“turned to stone”), and not figuratively (“full of fear”).

  12. And here’s an Eeeewww!

    BTW, has anybody else tried out Keith Knight’s TV series “Woke” (on Hulu is where I get it)? I’ve just watched two episodes so far, but think it is going to be pretty good.

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