Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 22nd, 2020

“This explains a lot” says Stan:

From Andréa:

But he still gets a lot of “Oh yeah? What did it use to be?”.

“To Serve Man”.
(Color version posted by Andréa in comments to Oh Deer Me thread!)

School for gifted neonates!

Never runs out.

A LOL-Eww from Bob Ball.

“Who will you be wearing to the awards?”

This is what the caption field within an Image Block looks like, for the curious.


  1. A very nice (and large) collection. Nice to see that the queue is being kept full by new submissions.
    P.S. I guess the full-length dividing lines are better better than the short ones, because the comics are variable width, but a (much) thinner line would be better (less distracting), and that purple clashes unfavorably with almost every color that a comic might be. It doesn’t have to be blue: red or gray would be worthwhile alternatives.

  2. I never have lost a sock, nor those little ‘footies’ we wear in shoes that are open at the top; if anything would get ‘lost’, it’d be one o’ those.

  3. That’s the brand name, like Kleenex, but the generic name is footies. I think. Yep, just googled ‘footies’ and the right items came up. I spend most of my day in flipflops, but once in a great while I ‘dress up’ with real shoes.

  4. I’ve never lost a sock, but my wife once lost a calf-high nylon stocking. She has so many pairs that she never missed it, but when I was trying to figure out why the washer had stopped in mid cycle, I discovered that it had managed to squeeze around the door seal (virtually all German washing machines are front loaders), and had travelled through the circulation pipes to become wrapped around the impeller pump. The way it had been twisted into a (short) rope was quite impressive.

  5. Re: Off the Mark – only because the planets are so visible right now, the fact that “The Red Planet” (Mars) is depicted as yellow/green upsets me. Venus should be brown/blue, not red/orange. The faithfulness to the other colors is why I wonder, saving Jupiter’s spot.

    I will refrain from the argument that the series is Doctor Who, but the Doctor’s name is not “Doctor Who”, just The Doctor … except in the credits for some time, and the Master has claimed that is his name. Easy to back seat comic, but I might have done “What’s on Tonight” on the BBC – Doctor Who’s on first, ‘Allo ‘Allo’s on second, Are You Being Served?’s on third.

  6. There has been a trend to find a pronunciation of Doug’s former name that would not get your middle schoolers (and some adults) giggling. If it had scientific or philological backing, so much the better, but not required.

    But as comedians have noted for a while, it’s hard to see a huge advance in substituting “urinous” for “your anus”. Some amelioration of the snicker factor, but not huge.

    I have heard a few try something like “Ooo-run-ose” but that comes off as pretentious or cowardly or both.

    So it’s good news that the Astronomical Union has gone to “Doug”.

  7. “School for gifted neonates!” Was that a ref to the Far Side classic with the kid having door trouble?

  8. My favorite knockoff on the “Who’s on First” routine has always been a concert promoter trying to convince an arena manager to book a concert with The Who, The Guess Who, and Yes.

  9. @Olivier: De gustibus non est disputandum

    Or maybe I should just say “there is nothing new under the sun”?

  10. ‘My favorite knockoff on the “Who’s on First” routine’

    One of mine is a Johnny Carson routine (probably available somewhere on YouTube) where President Reagan is getting his briefing for his upcoming day. One meeting was with Hu, and another was with Watt at the Y.

  11. I think it would be funny if “Doug” ‘s name was pronounced in some non-straightforward manner. 😛

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