Saturday Morning Oys – November 21st, 2020

Of course, the way Keith draws his character, the “guns” couldn’t possibly mean “bulging biceps” — but the “drawn” is still the operative pun.

She’s one of the Rainy Day Women #s 12 and 35

Have you any Blagues?

An OY-LOL. All three -less words are real, though fernless doesn’t have any common use beyond “lacking a fern”.

Umm, oy … no comment!

Two Pearls!

From Andréa.

An Oy-Meta!

Th-th-that’s all folks!

Or isss it??


  1. Olivier – around here. Long Island, NY, water is pronounced wart-er.

    (Yes, I am back – my usual laptop turned into a brick last month and we just got it back. I was stuck using my old WP laptop and it took so long to read comics that by the time I got to CIDU it was long past bedtime, so tonight I am trying to catch up.)

  2. No, still here.

    I actually normally read my comics for the week starting what is late night Mondays to me (wee hours Tuesday morning to everyone else) and anything I do not get to I read Tuesday night (Wednesday wee hours).

    The “week to 10 days” for the entire process to repair it under warranty (bought it at Costco and it died 47 days before the extra year of warranty ran out) turned out to be more like 3 weeks (plus the week we let it sit to make sure no corona virus on it). When I spoke with them about what was wrong with it (screen died per them – but since there was no power going into the computer as power lights did not go on either, and now they do, obviously there were other problems) they told me that the parts should be there on 11/15 and they would email info about when it was being shipped and the tracking number. They actually shipped it before the 15th, with no notice and totally unexpected as when I went out the for the mail on 11/14 it was sitting in front of the house. Good thing I went out for the mail as it poured on Sunday and neither of us would gone out before late Sunday night when we drive to a USPS collection box to mail out the coming week’s bill payments etc. – had I not gone out for the mail its package would be drenched. On the Wednesday after we had received it the Saturday before Robert received an email that it had been shipped to us at 1pm that day and giving the tracking info which matched the one on the package, so they showed it shipped about almost a week before they sent the email saying that they shipped it “today”.

    This is why we try to avoid ordering anything.

    When I was sending it they told me to back it up – umm, it is a brick- nothing works, how do I back it up? Luckily I had done the monthly and quarterly backups of my computers the week before. In the list of what photos we had to take and email to them we were told we had to take a photo of the computer turned on so they could see the screen working – ha ha!

    Figuring this was a screen problem according to them, when we did turn it on we were surprised that the computer was reset to original and all software – including a virtual Win XP machine – were gone. We (okay, Robert) went through a variety of things to get the backup installed on it – including realizing that some piece of software to do so, we only had for Windows version through 8 and he had to go online (with his computer) to download the Win10 version. Then the computer had to do all the Windows updates since it was originally made to be able to do anything – and we were worried because for some of the updates when done originally the computer had to be left running overnight – but it did not take that long. Finally a screen came up and said that it was done updating and putting in the backup and what did I want to do next. Sure whatever I picked would be wrong, I texted Robert to come downstairs. He picked the choice to start using the computer – nothing, he tried again – nothing. He picked shut off the computer – it shut off, we rebooted, same screen. Finally he gave up and told me to shut it off and he would look to see what to do and when I went to that – magically the home screen was right and all my stuff was there – he insists I should not thank him – a higher power must have fixed it for me.

    While I keep all of my important data on flash drives (backed up daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly on a multiple of assorted data types – including external hard drives, I had just kept things such as which comics I posted last time, our shopping list (in Excel and something only being done this year as we go out monthly to a month and a half food shopping) and other leisure data on the hard drive of the laptop) so I have been out without it until I could get back into the laptop – of course now using a flash drive for this data also.

    I had to copy passwords, user names etc from desktop to drive to be able to access anything on old laptop and I never was able to log in into the website of the regional newspaper that we get the print version and since I don’t want to touch it/read it the kitchen table right now, I have been putting on vacation hold for a month, getting it for a couple days, on vacation hold again and reading it online. For some reason I could log in on my desktop but could not log in with XP laptop – we brought Robert’s Win 10 laptop down for me to use to read the paper and it could not sign in either – but this one did right away – makes no sense at all.

  3. Just for the record, or your information – a program like Time Machine (on my MAC), connected to a separate hard drive, will automatically update your entire hard drive (or any changes made) every few minutes, or whatever you set it to (on the other hard drive, I mean). I’ve found this VERY handy to have, and I’m sure there’s something similar for PC. One less thing to remember to do.

  4. Andréa –

    Thank you. I back up the data on my desktop (main) computer after each work session – meaning sometimes twice a day – using 2USB flash drives (A&B) alternately . I also back it up separately weekly – making a different backup for 6 weeks each year and then updating the oldest backup each Friday late afternoon again with a USB flash drive. On the 15 of the month I back up data, desktop, and laptop to my monthly external hard drive. In January, April, July and October I back up everything again onto my quarterly external hard drive.

    This system has worked very well. Problem with the laptop is that it had not occurred to me to keep such “inconsequential data” as which comics I posted on here, to be able to check for replies the following week(s) or which comics I did same on a flash drive. So all of that was lost as what was on the hard drive since a week before the laptop went bad and of course no longer of value, but while it annoyed me – it was not major loss. I am now using a USB flash drive for all of that also.

    I thought a problem I have had since I got this laptop. (I am not happy with this laptop in general – but Robert says is Win 10 I am not happy with.) When I fold down the top/screen while the computer is running, even though it set to stay on the computer stays on, but the screen shuts off and I have to shut the computer with the power button and reboot. When I first starting using it after I got it back I forgot about this and the first two times I shut it – the screen stayed on, and we figured it was related to the problem and the screen had problems all along. But then it went to back as it was.

    Last night it decided it had to update Window – again and I let it go. It started updating at around 3 am and when Robert came down this morning at around 9 am – it was still updating. This has happened before with it. It is now set not to update.

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