1. Since Mister is the one looking so crazy, probably that means Missus is the one who consumed the mushrooms and is hallucinating his appearance.

  2. @Danny, on your reading, if that means the speech balloon belongs to Mister P.H., how would he know what Mrs. P.H. is seeing? For him to reach the conclusion she is tripping, he would need to know that she is hallucinating something weird about his appearance.

  3. Good call, zbicyclist. There was also this one during the week, with a more direct reference:

    Wayno (the weekday Bizarro artist) discussed this and Magritte a bit more generally at his blog, including a childhood photo of Magritte and his brothers. Also in this one, the Bizarro secret symbol bird has an apple in front of its face, as in another famous Magritte work.

    And come to think of it, there was some other cartoon this week with an allusion to the apple painting, and a title banner “Son of Son of Man” which I did not get at first, not knowing that the Magritte picture with the apple is titled “The Son of Man”.

  4. I took Mr. Potatohead’s apparent disheveled appearance as a metaphor for how he was feeling.

    I did wonder briefly if Mr. Potatohead’s scrambled features were a reference to Picasso. 🙂

  5. @Brian: So it’s Mrs. PH you would attach the speech bubble to? It does have the advantage of letting the drawing correspond to objective reality rather than a character’s subjective perceptions, reified. (Though by “objective reality” in this case, I can’t mean objective reality.)

  6. There are two, so I think the balloons are correctly positioned. In one, Mr. is fine but Mrs. has her perception warped by the shrooms. In the other, his consumption resulted in Mr. assembling himself weirdly.

  7. I’m most impressed with the slider bar mashup. How cool is that, and wish I knew how to do that! I like the ambiguity of the comic, makes it more “meat” and potatoes lol.

  8. Thanks for the comment! The slider bar gizmo is provided by WordPress as a Block type in the Block Editor. We tried it out here in one earlier post, with less success, due to imperfect size match. That was in https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com/2020/08/02/image-compare/

    In the comments thread for that earlier post, I pasted in the raw code, to the extent that the editor option would let us see it. If you look at it there, the fancy stuff is apparently done mostly in CSS! And the visible code mostly refers to a class we only see by name here, where apparently the work is done.

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