1. Ha! Thanks Kilby! Turns out if you have it in your cache or something, it displays full size for you, so I thought I was golden, I checked my post and it was full size — except now I come back, and see it wasn’t. How annoying!

  2. SOMEone is really p*ssed off at AppleTV about this . . . it’s his second commentary, comics-wise . . .

    Why not just buy the DVD, as I did years ago? It’s not that $$$, and you can watch it whenever . . .

  3. @ Andréa – I don’t think Tatulli has gone overboard (yet). Apple deserves a certain amount of painful skewering for such a dumb-@$$ move.

  4. He probably drew this before the announcement that the shows would run on PBS. In comments, several people stated that they wouldn’t see the Christmas one because their station is doing a pledge drive. I think they are incorrect.

  5. I just saw the first half hour of “Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown,” and was sort of thrown by all the scenes where you see adult faces. hear adults, see adults talking, etc. . . It just didn’t seem right.

    It was particularly strange that most of the time they kept the format of only having adults off-screen. So it’s just that every once in a while you’d hear an adult talk, or see a bunch of adults in a bus. Not quite sure why they chose to break the standard format, and to only break it erratically.

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