1. The neighborhood kids have a themed trick or treat going on, they all dressed as a marauding band of barbarians. And they chopped down the tree in this couple’s yard to use as their battering ram, which she finds adorable.

  2. @ Powers – My first impression mistakenly associated the trunk with an oversized Christmas tree, carried by a strangely off-color group of elves (I also mistook the horns on their helmets for pointed ears). Then I saw the spider and the pumpkin, and realized that I was on the wrong holiday. I have no idea when this was submitted to the Editors, but it was published on Oct. 23rd, so that’s OK. I’m really not sure this one would have been worth queuing up for next year, instead of just dealing with it now.

  3. Yes, it would have been easier to read correctly as a Halloween joke if not for the unwieldy delay. Not getting that, I also saw it as peculiar delivery of an ordered Xmas tree, with unexplained little-people on the job. But when you catch the householder woman with the bowl of treats it starts to come clear.

  4. Um, not to mention the carved jack-o-lantern on the side table, and the bat and ghost cut-outs hanging hastily on the wall.

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