Sunday Funnies – LOLs, March 28th, 2021

From the Theodicy Dept.
The (still) “new” Nancy strip is many different things, to different people, from time to time. But here it seems to score a pretty direct LOL!

Spacer with multicolor segments spacer4 divider

And in the “Nothing new under the Sun?” Department:

Hey Geezers, remember when U.S. foreign policy tensions were focused on Russia and China?

There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain …

Bashful gorilla

Bashful guerrilla gorilla

Does anyone here know the joke about the bashful gorilla? I don’t, and can’t find it upon (an admittedly desultory) search. …

Next question: Did the audience in the 1950s know the joke? Or did some yes but some no? Edit: No, some site said these reruns were from the first two years of the comic strip, hence 1950-51 roughly. But a bit of digital magnification shows the blurry info at the left of the last panel includes what looks like a “1964”. It doesn’t matter much here, but was significant for the “Viet Nam” strip a couple weeks ago.

Next: Or was there never even a particular joke? Was it simply a tease all along? And would that matter? Would the comic strip gag work anyway, and would it be enuff?

And one Veterans Day-After

Camp Swampy may not ever have been a fighting base, but as this shows, they were not entirely outside a world where military conflict was a reality. And we can count all who served as veterans, whether or not they were in active combat or even in a war zone.

This strip seems to be dated 1964, and early enough in that year that “Viet Nam” did not yet mean all of what it would soon take on. Still, isn’t it a bit shocking that this might strike some of its audience as simply funny?

DeathMatch! Update

Two more Deaths: one from Arseetoo

death sinatra

and one from DanV

cooped up

Plus a Clown Car comic (finally!) from Becky, which is also a CIDU; I’m familiar with Mr. Martin’s “Another way to tell…” trope, but I’m not following the logic of this one.

boffo clown cars

EDIT: And a few hours later another Clown Car, from jajizi:

beetle clown

Which brings us to Death 7, Russian Clown Gesundheit 2.

(With non-competing Pinocchio still at 3)