1. Rocky wants Sarge to throw him all the way to the front gate so he can leave and no longer be a “member of this army post”?

  2. More or less what Philip said, but I see it as him trying to sneak off base at night to go and woo a lady friend. That is after all in keeping with this character.

  3. I wonder where these vintage (1965) Beetle Bailey strips are coming from. Hand-applied halftone screen, and a beer can (labeled “brew”) that needs an opener (no pull tab, not even the old kind), Too bad it’s been recopied (probably more than once), degrading the quality.

    P.S. If Sarge boots him through that door again, he going to break the neck of that guitar.

  4. @Kilby: if you right-click and view image it’s a bit clearer. Not sure why that has to happen in the email/on this site, seems ungood.

  5. Kicked out of the army . . . literally!

    As a former “junior enlisted,” I understand Rocky’s mindset!

  6. @ PS3 – I already did that (and zoomed in), otherwise I would never have been able to read “brew”, let alone the “1965” in the copyright line. At that resolution, a few “fade” effects become visible in the halftone shading: I thought they were artefacts from copying, but it might have been the way the halftone was applied (by Walker or his assistant).

    P.S. The size of the visible image on the “normal” CIDU page is limited by the template. The old (more flexible) template was no longer available after the server meltdown, and Bill went through a number of alternatives before he found one that he (and the rest of us) could live with. I would really hestitate before we ask Mitch to fiddle with the template again, and not just because of the effort involved: there are better templates, but many of them require a financial investment (for a higher WordPress license level). Using right-click to view the image is a fairly easy work-around.

  7. Ah, thanks, all makes sense of course! Gotta love being crippled by the things that are supposed to enable. I grieve for my industry.

  8. L.F. That’s a “Kick me” bend-over, not a “Oh dearie me, I dropped the soap, and now I have to pick it up and I hope nobody in this prison shower takes advantage of poor sweet innocent me” bend-over.

  9. Comics Kingdom seems to have discontinued updating some strips, including these 1965 vintage Beetle Baileys.

  10. Correction: “Comics Kingdom seems to have discontinued updating some strips, including these 1965 vintage Beetle Baileys.” This is incorrect, some of these reappeared today (1 March) after missing one or two weekdays.

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