1. Just like a “rabbit punch” (to the back of the head), striking the opponent “below the belt” is a clear foul in boxing, but that doesn’t mean that it never happens. Mr. Jones would seem to have had a reputation for unfair play.

  2. Talking of chariots in a sporting context, as we are, there was an English rugby player not so long ago called Martin Offiah – “due to his running speed he was nicknamed “Chariots” Offiah after the film Chariots of Fire“.

  3. @ LF – That’s why links to the Urban Dictionary were once placed on the “moderation” trigger list.

  4. @Lord F, that sort of alternative did occur to me as well. But would that be what you’d expect from Mother Goose and Grimm?

  5. And a related response (not from me personally, I’m not Welsh)

    Background: SLSC has been adopted as the song of English Rugby Union fans. England were playing Wales at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, and word had got round that groups of English fans would be gathering in pubs and bars and singing it. Brains, a Welsh brewer, organised a response…

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