Who dun what?

Thanks to Alan Smithee for sending in this Mutts and asking “[Sunday’s] Mutts seems to be a ‘Whodunit’, but I can’t tell what the solution is supposed to be”. And I can’t even tell what the question was supposed to be!

No excuse beyond the canine link:

Has he seasoned it himself? And uses some of that expensive saffron for the dog? How nice! Oh, or maybe he sampled some, and the spice report is the result of his tasting? Or it’s advertised that way, and he’s looking to verify the claims?


  1. For the Mutts, he’s quoting “Frosty the Snowman” lyric about Frosty packing up and leaving. The pile of snow there is OBVIOUSLY not his remains…

    For the second one, maybe he’s sharing his own dinner with the dog. That’s all I’ve got.

  2. My first thought was that the Mutt had melted the snowman by urinating on him, and was now denying his crime, but I don’t think the bladder of so small a dog could deal with that big a snowman in that way. So more likely the Mutt is just consoling the other dog, who is sad that his snowman friend has died, by claiming that pile of melted snow is just a coincidence and that Frosty indeed had magically just stepped away for a while.

  3. The dog’s name is “Earl”, and the cat (“Mooch”) has a lishp that turns many (but not all) “S” sounds into an “SH” (in general, if the inserted “H” would produce a real word with a different meaning, then that “S” is exempt from the lisp).

  4. P.S. In the “Bliss” panel, the man is teasing his pet by suggesting that the dog should take time for a “true gourmet experience”, but then admits this is pointless: a dog will always just wolf down its food, without bothering to examine what it is or how it tastes.

    P.S. After all, if it turns out to be inedible, the dog can always throw it up later.

  5. “P.S. After all, if it turns out to be inedible, the dog can always throw it up later.”

    And then maybe try eating it one more time juuuust to make sure.

  6. @ Grawlix – I’m sure that you have the correct answer, but McDonnell made it very hard to understand by having Frosty leave in the second panel, but most of all by having Earl (the dog) as the recipient of the explanation, when he was already a witness to the action in the first three panels.

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