Saturday Morning OYs – May 27th, 2023

If you’re thinking “Didn’t we just see this same joke?” you may be remembering this Life On Earth we posted recently. (Hey, that was in Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 7th, 2023 . How come the Farcus today goes in the OYs?)

Found on Facebook without good information. We’ve tagged for “Frank Svoboda” based on the (c) line; but searching that name finds someone who was a collector / dealer / agent but doesn’t say he was also a creator, and those roles could fit with copyright holder. So maybe the writing on the side of the bar is the signature? It seems to say “Phranque” and while there is a band with that name I didn’t find any cartoonists or illustrators. And maybe that brings us back around to Frank S, who could have liked stylizing his first name.

A suggestion from Maggiethecartoonist:

Discussion among Maggie and the editors suggested that there are several informations perhaps not immediately known to all readers, which are useful to unpacking the multiple jokes/OYs here. So something of a semi-CIDU.


  1. Thanks, lazarusjohn!
    I notice that in the one you link to, the signature is a circled “FS”. But I still would take the “Phranque” in today’s post to be a signature of sorts.

  2. And among those “More from Svoboda” examples, I think I recognize “The Dogfather”.

  3. there are several informations perhaps not immediately known to all readers, which are useful to unpacking the multiple jokes/OYs here
    Well, I could mention Kahlo’s well-known “unibrow” appearance, which the spider-girl in the Argyle Sweater cartoon seems to also sport.

  4. And the brown recluse spider. Not sure about the temperamental, though… Also, that text has a lot of uneven letters – I keep trying to make the larger letters mean something on their own but AAWCLP really seems unlikely.

    I’ve seen and appreciated the Frank and Ernie before – as a gardener, it really works for me.

  5. And the brown recluse spider. We thought it was pretty clever that “brow” was used both by itself (via the Frida Kahlo mention) and contributing the letters towards the “brown” of the dangerous spider’s name.

  6. Why is Nietsche made of blown glass and melding into those … little glass trumpets … that are apparently part of his hands?

    I mean, I think I know what Phranque was going for, but that art style just looks weird to me.

  7. Looks like one of Nietsche’s glasses is half empty and the other is half full.

  8. “Siehe! Dieser Becher will wieder leer werden, und Zarathustra will wieder Mensch werden.” “Lo! This cup is again going to empty itself, and Zarathustra is again going to be a man.”

    He could have added, “Wait a few minutes on that Über, Mensch. These cups ain’t gonna empty themselves!”

  9. I, for one, had to research what this “threading” was all about. It sounds like taking a sewing needle and sewing the little hairs together.

  10. Here’s a groovy Latin Jazz interpretation of Richard Strauss’ epic “Also Sprach Zarathustra”. I am not familiar with Nietzshe’s work.

    Also, I don’t consider “sprach” and “drank” to be close enough rhymes for a joke.

  11. @ Brian. I looked that up: icky, and painful. I’m sure that there is some sort of advantage over using a simple pair of tweezers, but I really don’t want to know what it is. On the plus side, thanks to your comment, I finally understand the comic.

    P.S. Farcus gets an OY because it’s effectively an OW, as well as bordering onto Ewww territory.

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