Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 7th, 2023

And a counterpoise of business meeting strategy, and who gets to speak up, from 9-to-5:

Do any disguised superheroes actually do this?

Thanks to Usual John for this one!


  1. Speaking of time travel, that “Geech” strip is old enough to vote, and the twentieth anniversary of Jerry Bittle‘s death was last month. Nevertheless, GoComics continues to offer reruns of both “Geech” and “Shirley & Son“, even though the latter strip only ran for two and a half years.

  2. Maggie, basically No; in that the “(Not a CIDU)” tag is meant to apply generally. However, if someone does find something puzzling, they are absolutely welcome to raise a question.

  3. Dan Piraro’s Old West artwork in this Bizarro prompts me to check for any new episodes in his Peyote Cowboy project. It’s been a while since I’ve seen announcements.

  4. @ Maggie – To expand upon Mitch’s answer (with some useful links): The CIDU tradition has normally been to run CIDUs only during the work week, with special categories on the weekends. The “Sunday Funnies” are not puzzlers, which is why this post is tagged “LOL” (and notCIDU“). The Saturday posts are usually reserved for “OY” comics (“oy (veh)” being a Yiddish reaction to a groaner pun).

    Back in Bill Bickel’s time there were also “Arlo” and “ewww” posts, but our current Editors have (wisely) decided to de-emphasize both categories. Bill used “Arlo” to describe “NSFW” comics, which he forwarded to a separate, personal “Arlo Page” account, in order to preserve CIDU’s “family” character. Ewww has been used to tag various levels of revolting material, but there’s a very fine line between “gross=funny” and “really gross=just disgusting“, so dedicated “Ewww” posts don’t normally appear anymore.

  5. The Kanin one is kind of Arlo adjacent. And I didn’t quite get the Bizarro when I saw it in the paper this morning, but got it immediately when I saw it here. Must be the good CIDU vibes,

  6. Yeah, and quick turnaround on that Sunday Bizarro I must say. Nice neo-explanation for the ready-to-draw-pistols arm posture. Now if we look to the leg posture, is that just an effect of wearing chaps, or do we suspect he applies the deodorant to some rather tender areas as well?

  7. At least in Silver Age DC comics, superheroes were sometimes their own rival, with the “girlfriend” character interested in the hero, but not the secret identity. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and Carol Ferris used that a lot. Hal wanted Carol to like Hal the person, not the costume. I’m not sure why Carol was after GL, other than to give the writers something to work with.

    Alternatively, Lois Lane was commonly known as Superman’s Girlfriend (that was the title of her own comic), and Superman was fine with that. He didn’t care how she felt about Clark – to some extent, he wanted her to not be interested in Clark, because that made things too complicated. The times she was specifically interested in Clark were when she thought she had the goods that he was Superman, and she was trying to worm her way in. Then he disproved her evidence, she got mad at him for playing her for a sucker, and the status quo resumed.

  8. At first I didn’t realize that the second figure was Pinocchio, so I thought the masthead was talking.

  9. I wasn’t sure if the speaker was the mermaid figurehead or Pinocchio – but it works either way.

  10. I agree that either one could have been the speaker, but termites are terrestrial; if she were speaking, the “issue” would probably have been “shipworm“. The Conde Nast store confirms that the title of this comic is “Pinocchio Addresses the Wooden Mermaid” (7-Apr-2014), and the full resolution shows that her lips are sealed in a dismayed grimace:

  11. P.S. @ Maggie – I do not follow “Bacön“, but it has been seen a few times here, anf the very first one that CIDU Bill posted (five years ago) was a “Über-Ewww” that was so hilariously revolting that I am not going to embed the image here. You will just have to follow that blue link on your own, and don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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