1. P.S. @ Powers – I don’t see the “sneed” connection either, but since I’m happy to accept it since it is a nonsensical, made-up word. As much as I adore Thompson’s work, the bit that I don’t like is in the final panel, because “Spumoni” is a real word with an accepted meaning, and it has no connection whatsoever to “shoes” or “pasta”.

  2. P.P.S. I also had some initial trouble with this Bizarro, because I thought of “feedback” as in the “speaker echo” sense, and was looking for a sound system or at least a microphone. Ooops.

    P.P.P.S. My favorite misunderstanding with ground control:

  3. @ SteveHL – That’s very good! The strip was originally published on 9-Jan-2011, and has re-appeared at least five times since then, but not one of the GoComics commenters ever discovered your “s-pum-oni” solution.

  4. The Thompson cartoon reminded me of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” a book my kids loved.
    As for the horses, there was (and might still be) a serious problem with horses owners wanted to get rid of and no one wanted to take, even for free. When my daughter went to college we couldn’t sell her horse but managed to donate him just before that became impossible.
    Horses are expensive.

  5. There were some problems with horses in some states where people would sell or give away their horse only to find out later that the acquirer was sending them to slaughter.

  6. I did get the Sam Snead one immediately. When I was a college student and for a time beyond, I had an apartment near the university that was in a flight path to the airport. At the time, there was an Air National Guard unit there, and they were flying F4s. Noisy beggars.

  7. Am I just weird, or does that “Adopt-a-Horse” ad have a “Russian brides are wating for you!” vibe?

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