Sunday Funnies – LOLs, July 10th, 2022

Two Andertoons for the price of one.

Well that’s getting down to the point!

Nice to see the secondary characters getting featured on their own.

Here’s that “LOL-Yikes! (horror)” you saw category-tagged and wondered about.

Actually I think this is making a pretty deep point about the relativity of relativity.

Extreme theatre seating

It’s certainly true that in most proscenium-style auditoriums, the first few rows are not the most coveted, for a variety of reasons but mostly related to not being able to see up and over the front of the stage, hence not really getting the stage layout or being able to see the actors when they are upstage (or the different instruments, in a musical context). See for example the Chicago Symphony Center seating charts below, with pricing strata color-coded.

But in this particular instance, is there more going on? Are the other attendees holding their program booklets, or are those some kind of splash shields? Does the “Extreme” name and the debris in front of the curtain indicate that there has been stuff flying around? So, the front row would be the most vulnerable of all?

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 11th, 2021

This time Junk Drawer is about a junk drawer!

BUT that doesn’t mean only the namesake can discuss the junk drawer!

Okay, okay, not really a LOL. And certainly not an Ewwww. Just more like …. an Awwww?

Bliss and Martin do a nice job with the last-second twist:

From Dave Berg, who sent it in as CIDU. There is potentially a fairly direct explanation, however (reserved for now — we’ll see if you’all agree). But it still leaves this a good, ironic, chuckle.

A Meta from Working Daze:

And a LOL-Eww as a fitting end: