Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 11th, 2021

This time Junk Drawer is about a junk drawer!

BUT that doesn’t mean only the namesake can discuss the junk drawer!

Okay, okay, not really a LOL. And certainly not an Ewwww. Just more like …. an Awwww?

Bliss and Martin do a nice job with the last-second twist:

From Dave Berg, who sent it in as CIDU. There is potentially a fairly direct explanation, however (reserved for now — we’ll see if you’all agree). But it still leaves this a good, ironic, chuckle.

A Meta from Working Daze:

And a LOL-Eww as a fitting end:


  1. Hey guys – the extra graphic at the top is just decorative, not another cartoon in the list. However, it does come from one of the cartoon artists represented further down.

  2. To the extent that the Dino-Meteor one was a CIDU, I imagine the idea is that if that dinosaur had not eaten the two dopey Masters of the Meteors, the Masters would have successfully headed off the killer Chicxulub meteor and there would have been no dinosaur extinction.

    IDU what CLONGHORS is supposed to mean, though. I doubt it has anything to do with the Clangers, mouse-like whistling creatures who live on and in a small moonlet.

  3. The explanation narmitaj gives is exactly the one I favor as well. (Though I didn’t know the name Chicxulub.) I didn’t think CLONGHORS is significant. So the joke is a morsel of dramatic-irony!

  4. I don’t know ’bout your printer cartridges, but my color laser ones wouldn’t fit into a drawer AND I can send them back for recycling at HPs expense.

  5. Maybe it’s not a laser printer but the little cannisters used in color inkjet printers. You know, the ones that resemble lidded trash bins, at like 1:100 scale.

  6. I can see at least three interpretations of the meteor comic:
    1) The one already given
    2) These beings are going to wipe out the dinosaurs with a meteor, but ironically they themselves are now being destroyed by the dinosaurs
    3) They are an advanced, inter-space traveling life form, who have learned to even control meteors, but end up getting killed by a species with a walnut sized brain. Because they are being stupid.

  7. I’m not sure I get the booze one. Is it merely the dual meaning of the idiomatic expression to “handle your liquor” and literally being able to handle (hold) an object?

  8. Judge Mental says: I’m not sure I get the booze one. Is it merely the dual meaning of the idiomatic expression to “handle your liquor” and literally being able to handle (hold) an object?

    Yes and no. The dual meaning isn’t itself a joke. But it’s the necessary background for the joke. With a hand like that, he can handle anything!

  9. Woozy, the Bliss/Martin one has this detailed, emotional, subtly tonal drawing of a laden scene. The dialogue seems to be inviting something like “… makes me feel most inspired” or something like that.

    But then it deflates, to the simply geometric idea that the sun so low in the sky casts lengthened shadows.

    And the capper is that the bubbles show us it isn’t even the people speaking, but the shadow thinking. And indeed, it is the shadows that are actually lengthened.

  10. I interpreted the dinosaur one as “aliens who are masters of meteors are about to be eaten by a dinosaur, and their race will wreak vengeance on dinosaurs by sending a meteor”.

  11. I felt a good “awww..” from reading just the first panel of the Liz Climo strip, and was surprised to find a 2nd panel.

  12. I thought maybe the dinosaur one was the masters of the mepteors aren’t really. They are an earth watching a meteor and … they don’t master it and they and the dinosaurs are killled.

    Still don’t get the bliss one. Shadows being lengthened, to me, is neither deflating nor heightening the mood enhancement of “this time of day I feel x”. And the shadows thinking isn’t a notable twist and them feeling lengthened is neither weakened or thwarting the norm.

  13. I just recently added Climo to my list, and I particularly liked this one. The bidet one gave me a good chuckle, too.

    Woozy: Bliss’s gag is just that the shadow is “speaking” independently. No big deal.

  14. For the Bliss, I would agree with both Boise Ed’s explanation and Deety’s appreciation. Yes, the gag is mainly that the shadow is independently speaking (or thinking). But also that the reason it finds this time of day, with the setting sun, rather special is not in terms that the human might use , but in terms that can actually apply to the shadow — it is lengthened.

  15. Being there to actively save the dinosaurs vs being there to actively destroy the dinosaurs seems mutually exclusive to me.

  16. I think the meteor one is that the dinosaur is about the attack the aliens, but because they are masters of meteors, they defend themselves by killing the dinosaur. But because meteors are a blunt instrument, in the process they kill lots of other dinosaurs as well.

  17. I guess what isn’t doing it for me about the dinosaur one is I’m not sure just what being “masters of the meoteors” is supposed to mean. DO they make the meteors do things? What and how exactly. And if they are masters of the meteors … why are they just sitting on earth with incrediably bored expressions? Or are the a tour company taking people to see the meteors? So they are sitting on earth looking bored and a dinosaur eats them and … considering their facial expressions it looks like its a relief to be honest.

  18. I was looking at the CLONGHORS as some kind of B-list heros. They didn’t make the cut for Masters of the Universe and had to settle for Masters of the Meteors. But I don’t see how that would tie into any of the interpretations given.

  19. Hope it is the ink cartridges and not the laser cartridges – they always end up with ink powder coming out of them when they are moved – they would have some mess in that drawer.

    When we moved into our house I explained that we will NOT have junk drawer – both to cut down on junk and because our kitchen was greatly lacking in sufficient drawer (and cabinet space) so no drawer to spare for junk. Basically much of the house is a giant junk drawer anyway.

    Currently my work table in our studio (intended to be the family room off the kitchen) is covered in cans, bottles, jars, empty ice cream pails with packaged food items stored in them, etc. It had all been stored on the dining room table (which was safely covered to avoid damage from the cans, etc) as we did not have enough room to store the food Robert has been buying over the past year in our small kitchen closet – 2 shelves for food there. But then Thanksgiving was coming and we needed the dining room and its table for dinner for then and for the subsequent holidays (both because, well – I said so – and also because if we ate holiday dinners on the kitchen table we could not put out serving bowls and such on same as it is small and there would not be a place to carve the turkey (Thanksgiving and Christmas) or ham (New Year’s Day and Easter).

  20. It looks like it is designed for humans, not dinos. Probably the main giveaway is the length of the arms?

  21. Yes, but . . . did she KNOW that they would be extinct and/or that humans were coming?? [And to me, the question also arises: If you live where there are palm trees, you probably wouldn’t want to be wearing a sweater that heavy.]

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