1. If it was good enough for Winston Churchill, it’s good enough for me! My naps are better sleep than my night sleeps; no dreams.

  2. Is the question whether or not it’s normal to take a nap to get away from a computer or cell phone? Apparently not in Loretta’s mind. After sitting in a chair for a long period, normal might be taking a walk, doing house work – something that involves moving.

  3. I think the joke here is that when Leroy is using the computer or cell phone, he is not doing anything remotely useful– he only uses them for entertainment. He’s not resting after a hard day’s work– he’s only resting from goofing off. Or rather, he’s taking a break from taking a break.

  4. I can’t be the only one who spends most of my workday on a computer and feels tired at the end of it? Sure, not tired in the same way as from physical exercise, but still pretty tired.

  5. This would have worked better in the days when she might have said, “Napping is Leroy’s way of getting away from the television.” as watching television is unlikely to be productive or necessary. This really falls flat after a year of working from home, where for me the computer and cell phone are the fundamental means of earning a living, and even in previous normal years home computer use was often productive, such as for taxes and online business.

  6. I have a fridge magnet that states: I can’t get rid of my computer; all my friends live in there. So true for me, even BEFORE the pandemic. (Just had a nice nap . . . sleeping on the lanai couch is so relaxing, listening to the birds . . . ’til the dogs have a barking fit thanks to someone soliciting in a non-soliciting subdivision, and with signs all around the house that state: DO NOT POUND ON THE DOOR; THE DOGS WILL BARK AND SH*T WILL HAPPEN! Can’t these people READ??) Sorry . . . end of rant.

  7. I think the joke is just that “computer and cellphone” are buzzwords for modern tech-savvy go-getters and “getting away from computer and cellphone” are modern day concerns for which the the modern tech-savvy block in their calendars moment to schedule time to do controlled power breathing and devoted listen to raindrops time. But Leroy’s not a modern tech-savvy go-getter and he just is taking a neanderthal slobbish nap.

    I can almost see why the cartoonists would think this is funny but not why he or anyone else wouldn’t quickly see that it isnt. Everyone uses them and every-one but the modern tech-savvy go-getters find them difficult and troublesome and, unlike the modern tech savvy go-getters, do want to and need to get away from them. And a neanderthal slobbish nap is a normal way to get away.

  8. Winter Wallaby – I switch from my desktop computer for work to my laptop computer in the kitchen at night for fun. But in normal times, my computer use is pretty much the same, other than – normally I go to Manhattan one day a month to client and bring and use my laptop at her business.

    This tax season I have a new wrinkle in computer use – I needed a Windows 10 computer for the tax software I used and my desktop (and also husband’s desktop) is a Windows 7 – both all set up just as we want them and some of the software we like to use is so old that it cannot go on Windows 10 (then again, my Windows 7 has a virtual Windows XP machine to run software which will not run on Windows 7 – as does this, my Windows 10 laptop. So when I am ready to work on a return I have to shut down my Win 7 computer, move the monitor and thumb pad connections to the Windows 10 and then boot that computer. My keyboard won’t work with the Win10 (wrong kind of plug) so there is a different keyboard which came with the computer to use with it. I work for about an hour normally and then reverse the process to my Windows 7 computer – data on a flash stick drive as all of our data is so easy to transfer. The new computer is located between our two computers as Robert was expecting the same problem with some software he uses – this way we can share the Windows 10 computer and still have our comfortably setup Win 7 computers for most use.

    The Win 10 desktop computer is the first we have not built ourselves in a couple of decades – and is off the shelf, which leads to assorted problems as we are spoiled by our older computers. How DOES one get a CD/DVD to stay in a vertical slot? for example.

  9. The vertical slot for optical disk drive is indeed problematic. In theory, the center hole is supposed to fit just right on the inner hub; maybe with the help of tiny tabs or bumps. But often a misfit!

  10. Yeah, the replacement computer I got was a “mini-tower” with no additional drive bays and a vertical optical drive. I added a USB drive holder to put my big data drive. It’s getting really hard to find full tower configuration.

    After I got this one, I was able to fix the old one with a replacement motherboard, which was shockingly inexpensive. The good thing is that now I have a backup computer so if this one dies I can move drives over and be back in business.

  11. Mitch4 – For us this drive is even more problematic as the computer sits between our two computers. I cannot really reach the piece to stick the disk into from my side of the computer especially as it has to be inserted from Robert’s side of the computer – and when he tries to put disk in it – the juggling to get it to click into place so it can be sent into the computer requires more dexterity than he has these years. Our problem was not thinking about how the disk would go into a computer sideways, combined with ordering the computer for pickup, so we never actually saw it before we unpacked at home.

    My solution for this will be to use to my external hard drive (plugs into USB port) that I have for an older laptop which did not have a hard drive. This should not be a problem for me until I install next year’s tax software – unless the software company sends me the fix to the NYS logo/year not printing out on forms (have had to copy data onto blank forms downloaded from NYS tax for filing this year).

  12. You know, you could just lay the computer on its side so that the problematic drive is oriented correctly; if there is a problem with ventilation slots on the side of the computer, you can get a couple of 2×4 scraps and make improvised rails to put the computer on, so that it is still on its side, but the vents are open to the air.

  13. larK – if there was enough room to lay the computer on it’s side. It is stuck between our two regular computers, well actually – between Robert’s computer and our main printer and then my computer is on the other side of the printer.

  14. My newest “mini-tower” computer is small-enough and shaped such that I thought you probably could lay on its side. Then I looked and there are actually small rubber feet on the one side.

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