Sunday Funnies on Saturday – LOLs and OYs , May 13th, 2023

Obligatory pedantic note: I still don’t like to see “invite” as a noun in place of “invitation”!

Betty’s son asks a question, and sure enough farther down my GoComics feed, I find the answer in Big Nate: First Class!

We almost put this Other Coast in tomorrow’s Mothers’ Day collection.

This one probably was the basis for the “word play in general” category.

Sent in by >>Boy-see Ed<<, who says “This one suits me to a tea”.


  1. Big Nate is a CIDU for me, I don’t know how the female coach is the punchline. The only thing I can think of is cocaine, because the story is that players in the 80s would only slide headfirst so they didn’t break the glass vials in their back pockets.

  2. In the Wrong Hands, is the “mattress” item about the development of king size mattresses, or the store / brand “Mattress King”?

  3. “Mattress King” is widely used for regional chains but I don’t think they’re one national brand. The Simmons Bedding Company invented the Queen and King sizes for mattresses in the late 1950s, which matches the date on the timeline.

  4. Mel Hall carried his batting gloves in his back pockets so they could wave goodbye on his home run trot.
    Other players would have been more annoyed, but they realized that Hall was a bit nuts.

  5. @ Divad – I thought the original use for that pocket would have been for a hip flask and/or chewing tobacco. The kid’s mom appears to be setting him up for an embarrassing moment with a (female) coach who would be unlikely to use either product, but especially not at Little League games.

  6. On using ‘invite’ as a noun: Just go with it, we’ll never get it back as strictly a verb.

    Speaking of which, we’ll also never be able to stop people from using ‘beg the question’ when they mean ‘invite the question’.

    Language is a living thing, right? And that’s a good thing, right? Right? Ugh

  7. One of the theories on the origin of Humpty Dumpty is that it referred to a cannon mounted on a wall during one of the internecine English conflicts. So the military arriving to attempt a repair and remount would make sense. Others disagree with this idea.

  8. They have Mattress King but not Sofa King?

    Regarding “invite”, we already know that any noun can be verbed, so why can’t verbs be nouned? Although there is a proper way to noun verbs and that’s the gerund, not to be confused with its identical twin the participle. When I was doing (participle) the inviting (gerund) I was inviting (participle) people to the doing (gerund).

    Trying to get people to stop begging the question has become a moot point. By which I mean NOT moot, of course: no longer up for discussion.

  9. This might be my favorite Argyle Sweater ever. Trying to imagine the ensuing conversation between Chelsea and Ms Grey!

  10. @Mark in Boston, verbs get nouned all the time. You have a swim or a smoke, for instance. Take a drive.

    Does Horace always have a small volcano glued to his head?

  11. Drabble would have its moments. As I recall, the wrestling thing started with Ralph getting into an argument that they decided to settle by wrestling. It turned out to be pro-style wrestling, with Ralph in a Luchador mask.

  12. Well yeah, the cactus Jack character is weird — maybe there was some back story that would make it clearer. But apart from that, the strip has a joke / word play on “pick a bone with you”, which the dog starts to react to as though there will be a literal bone for him!

  13. Pro wrestling has odd characters in costumes. Cactus Jack was one of Ralph’s nemeses.

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