M is for the Many

With considerable forethought, Chemgal sent this in when it appeared, last July!

There is a motherlode of Mothers Day cartoons from Foxtrot collected at their website, of which we will sample just a couple.

This first one was featured by Bill on CIDU in 2018:

This “Breakfast in Bedlam” strip seems to be from 2001:

MD gifts funded by allowance, a theme for Fox Trot, also features here in Calvin, 1989:

This resurfaced in this Saturday’s Counterpoint mailing, not where I’m used to seeing B&C.


  1. I know the term matryoshka for the nesting Russian doll sets, but didn’t before now stop to notice that it has to be the root for “mother” in the first half of that word.

  2. maggiethecartoonist — Actually the -mater root comes from proto-indo-European, which developed in what is now Ukraine, much earlier than Latin. It is, as the name implies, the origin language from which most Western languages evolved.

  3. Here’s a current one that we didn’t see in time to put into the Mothers’ Day post:

  4. I love the Barney & Clyde. Generally Mother’s Day is very off-putting for me, but bonus moms just warm my cockles.

  5. This B&C in my opinion does a great job of filling in background for those who may see this but aren’t followers of the comic.

  6. Here’s another current one that we didn’t see in time to put into the Mothers’ Day post:

  7. Of all the Mother’s Day strips included here, the “Foxtrot Bedlam” is by far my favorite, especially because of Paige’s question about “eggs† & bacon”. My second favorite was the Calvin strip, in which both his mother’s eyes and her terse response remind me very much of “Doonesbury”.

    P.S. † – Paige’s eggs probably look just like Calvin‘s:

  8. Mom is now living in a nursing home (94 yo). We talk on Sunday nights from 7 to 8 pm (the only time our schedules each have empty time and I am cooking dinner as we talk).

    On Monday before Mother’s Day I mailed a card to her. We live in Nassau County (Long Island, NY). Her nursing home is in Suffolk County (near one of my sisters) which is the next county. Glad I asked if she liked the card when I spoke with her – she had not received it! She telephoned me yesterday (Tuesday) – she finally got the card over a week after I mailed it.

    This seems to the time needed for mail as I had similar situations with tax return mailed to client in Queens (next county to us in the other direction) that took a week and a half to get to them and overlapping that it took a week and a half for something mailed to me from a client in Manhattan (next county from us after Queens).

    So, what used to be first class mail next day without an extra fee is now about a week and a half.

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