1. Even after investing in the three-volume set of “The Complete Far Side”, it’s always nice to run into one that seems “new”.

  2. It’s also nice that “Get the kids”, which would mean one thing in the case of spotting a tornado, in this context could well include the sense “Get the kids, so they can have some fun on the ride.”

  3. Interesting that although I believe The Duplex is an American strip, the driver’s side is reversed.

    And what is that in the background inside the car?

  4. Mark M, sorry about the image degradation of the Duplex here! It’s making the text hard to read; but I don’t think it’s responsible for the mystery of what’s in the car beside the driver.

    The image looks just fine when viewed directly in the CIDU site WP media library. (So the original download and upload process isn’t responsible for the problem.) Let’s see how it looks under comment embedding:

  5. Gosh, it seems to be due to the resizing used to fit in the available horizontal space. It actually looks fine in this comments view:


    … but I don’t think that will be available to most readers.

    However, you can click on the comics image, which is a link (in the comments, not in the main post), and when it opens full size it is much clearer.

  6. It’s actually completely legible in Reader Mode — both in the post and in the comments.

  7. @ Mark M – Since the steering wheel disappears behind the driver’s neck, it follows that we are viewing the action from behind the car, therefore the driver is on the left side, as one would expect for an American strip. The red color on the external mirror is simply an error (probably by a syndicate colorist).

  8. Joel, I find it a bit confusing, since this is in neither the world of playground rides nor carnival rides. It looks more like human-powered than motorized, though a little heavy for kids to push on their own. But it does have the attendant / ticket-taker. And it does have the seats on separate rotating platforms like the Tilt-a-Whirl. But it lacks the tilt aspect — the overall large circle on the carnival ride version has a lot of vertical variation, like the track looks buckled. That’s what makes the teacup seats tilt and rotate around their separate axles.

  9. Here’s a classic Twister amusement ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjasEfFsvMY

    In the Far Side comic, I can see the seats rotating on their own axes as the turntable spins. Kind of like a classic teacup ride, I suppose.

    This Far Side comic works especially well on our page, since you have to scroll down to view it.

  10. Grawlix, that’s a great clip of an amusement-park motorized Twister ride. Joel Hanes earlier mentioned Tilt-a-Whirl. Here’s a clip of an amusement-park motorized Tilt-a-Whirl:

    The one in the cartoon is of course neither of these, considering the scale of the equipment and the kind of power. But it does have in common with the motorized tilt-a-whirl that the riders sit in their cups which each have their own rotating platforms. What the big tilt-a-whirl has that this small one lacks is the whole tilting thing, which bumps the cars up and down and makes them whirl.

    On the whole, this simpler playground equipment is more like the (big) tilt-a-whirl than the (big) twister. But I think “twister” is easier to picture fitting this.

    When I think of a playground twister I mistakenly thought of the equipment in the picture below, much simpler than the one shown in the cartoon, but still human-propelled. Apparently though this is not called a twister, but … merry-go-round. Which is for me yet another of these names that belongs to a bigger thing which runs on motorized power at an amusement park, a carrousel .

  11. Anyone who’s ever been to a nudist camp knows that they don’t require nudity, but simply allow it. When the weather is nasty, they clothe approprately. When it’s not, they enjoy the sunshine.

    And just today I saw “Police Navidad” in one of the comics. Now, however, I can’t find it . A sort-of related one, though, is at https://www.gocomics.com/rubes/2022/12/18 .

  12. Actually, Ed, I think you’re thinking of nude beaches, which are, “clothing optional” some nudist resorts, on the other hand, to reduce the incidence of voyeuristic looky-loos, do actually require (and enforce) nudity of all visitors in the nude sections of the resort. These tend to be located in tropical locales, where there is no frost on the pumpkins.

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