Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 18, 2022

From Ooten Aboot, with an illuminating commentary:

In 1874, a similar culture clash happened in real life when Montreal’s McGill University challenged Harvard to a two game “football” match. To McGill, “football” meant Rugby, while Harvard followed “Boston Rules”, a version of Soccer with limited catching and carrying of a spherical ball. The solution was to play one game under each set of rules. Harvard won the “Boston” game, while the Rugby result was a 0-0 tie. Nevertheless, Harvard apparently liked the McGill style and adopted similar rules, so that encounter with McGill may have been the origin of American Football as it known today.

A case of How to Respond to Critics?


  1. The creator of Frog Applause said this in the comments on that day’s installment: “Love ‘Frog Applause’ or hate ‘Frog Applause.’ It’s indifference that I dislike.”

    Artists do seem to hate indifference.

  2. Frog Applause is at best an acquired taste. Having reviewed a fair number of strips on several occasions, I have discovered that I definitely have not managed to acquire said taste, nor do I think that I would ever be likely to do so in the future. That said, those comments are way out of line. It’s not as if there’s anything to force a reader to partake of a webcomic that seems odious or offensive. As opposed to newspapers, digital publishing does not take away any space from more worthwhile features.

  3. P.S. @ Powers – She seems to be doing a better job at motivating people toward the second of those two goals. Although there’s nothing in the feature that merits drawing a parallel, it’s worth mentioning that if “Krazy Kat” had been dependent just on reader opinions, it would not have lasted in any newspaper for very long.

  4. @ Mitch – Does the odometer count trash and spam, or is that just the total number of comments residing in the database?

  5. The round 76000 is the number approved. (Published)
    The 124720 came from that URL, and must be from some kind of autoincrement counter of submissions.
    Since I see something labelled “Mine” with a count of 6556, that suggests your 6243 was your “Mine”.(Or from larK’s index)

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard an Andy Griffith monologue before. (Though certainly I know his voice and accent, from the TV show.) Something in the phrasing and pacing made me think of how Arlo sounded in the original Alice’s Restaurant recording.

    The illustrations were fun! Somewhere in the signage there was the beginning of a “Potrzebie”, suggesting a MAD connection or allusion. A guy in the crowd had a “Beat Vassar” card on his hat, leaving me uncertain if this was a gag invented by the illustrator; or an actual gag card that a wit of the time might put on his hat at a football game; or if Vassar actually had football competitions then!

  7. MAD did in fact do a comic strip version of Griffith’s “What It Was, Was Football” back in the mid/late 1950s (and that’s the only form in which I know it it — I’ve never listened to an audio version).

  8. Thanks, Shrug — that is very likely the source of the comics shown in the video track of that YouTube clip while the monologue plays on the audio.

  9. Argentina is now the World Champion of penalty kicks, having defeated France in the World Cup of penalty kicks.

    For actual soccer fans (assuming there are any), I’d like to propose an alternative to deciding winners of close games with a shootout of penalty kicks: Keep playing, but every 5 minutes of overtime, each team removes a player from the field. Eventually, you’ll end up with a game of one-on-one, with each team’s goalkeeper leaving their goal unguarded in an attempt to push the ball up into the other team’s end of the field. More likely, one of the team’s defenses will break down due to being shorthanded, and the final result will be a game ending goal because of the winning team being able to press an attack, and overwhelm the defense, rather than having a free shot on goal handed to them by the rules and the officials. Even if they do this, I’m probably still not watching.

    Last weekend ALSO featured the Las Vegas Bowl, in which a team from the middle of the Pac-12 standings absolutely CRUSHED a team from the middle of the SEC standings. And yet the Pac-12 champton is not invited to the national championship playoff. In a couple of weeks the ACC runner-up will get to play a team that wasn’t even invited to play for the Pac-12 championship.. Michigan and Ohio State met already in the regular season, but could potentially meet again in the national championship game. Or, possibly, both could be eliminated in the semifinals. Either way, people unafiliated with either school are free to ponder whether both schools should have advanced to play in the playoff or if some other deserving school that got left out of the field should have been given the opportunity. This opinion might be common among fans of, say the University of Utah or the University of Alabama, both of whom picked up some tough losses by playing challenging league schedules.

  10. Thanks, Shrug, that definitely gives the same text as the audio (plus an intro), as well as the Woodbridge drawings.

    Readers note, the linked page looks like an illegible miniature, but if you are in a full browser, just click and one of the pages will expand.

  11. While I am sure they were common in many places, the malls around where I grew up never did have one of those classic semi-circular food courts as shown in that Edison Lee strip. What did have one, however, was the basketball/hockey arena. A later addition to the mid-70s structure, added just a few years before it was closed in the early 2000s and a new arena was built downtown. That Edison Lee strip reminded me of that old arena, which I went to quite a lot in the early 2000s as the local NBA team was bad and tickets were a song.

  12. Before COVID rearranged all the food courts, a food court in a mall near me had three food stalls that apparently were owned by the same owner and all shared the same kitchen. “The Wok” had lots of different kinds of Chinese food. “Cajun Town” had blackened fish and lots of different kinds of Chinese food. “Texas BBQ” had barbecued brisket and lots of different kinds of Chinese food.

  13. My teddy bears (hundreds of them) all find the bear to bunny comic to be offensive. They believe that they are much more advanced than rabbits – always have been and always will.

    (They also say that they are really tired of it being Easter in their village and I better get a chance to make it Christmas soon, especially since their big holiday “The feast of the hibernation” is Dec 21 and they plan on drinking and eating enough to last until “the feast of the awakening” even though they will not be hibernating and will be eating regularly between now and then.)

    No, really, I have a small village with small bears – figurines, toys, etc which is normally changed monthly to a new setup but I have not had a chance to change them since Easter. The smallest bedroom in the house is FILLED with stuffed bears and bear items of various types including transistor radio.

  14. @ Meryl – I thought the bear’s ears comic was great, but that was mostly because as a kid, my wife was once very offended when her mom hung up a stuffed animal by its ears to dry after washing it. I showed her comic, but didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for. Perhaps I should show it to her mother. 😉

  15. Lola, thanks for bringing that up. When it was posted I looked only briefly, and thought it was a distasteful OY on “jam” (playing off the “jelly” sense.) But now on closer look I think it’s just the univocal usual meanng of “printer jam”. But since this is a “3D printer”, which produces a whole object, the “printer jam” is an explanation for why the bear is coming out distorted.

  16. And I haven’t failed to win money at playing poker since 1976 or so. (The “or so” because I can’t remember the last time I played poker for money, but it was back around then. . . and it was also one of maybe four or five times in my life that I ever had won money doing so, so I found it a good time to quit.)

  17. My bear Christmas ornaments are on the tree, and a set of bears (Lucy and Me) are setup in the living room (change the Lucy bears more or less monthly), but I still have not had a chance to set up my Bear village (upstairs hall) for Christmas as trees, decorations etc took longer than usual this year as downstairs had changes where assorted items would go and Robert was helping me.

    I will hopefully get to finally change from Easter (have not a chance to touch it in that long) to Christmas tomorrow or it will be this weekend before I can as we will be going Thursday night with our reenactment unit to the local restored village for the last day of this year. We take over their only 1700s house to interpret for their “Candlelight Nights” event as the unit does annually to help them out and we have a lot of fun doing so.

  18. A quick follow up – On Dec 26 I finally got the Teddy Village Christmas (mostly) setup and they are happily partying until end the end of January when Valentine’s Day will take over the village.

    Our reenactment unit, with Robert in charge as usual for this event, spent 4 nights in 1775 at the local restoration village in their only house set in the 1700s for their Candlelight Nights event.. So I was rather exhausted and short on time to get the village setup earlier.

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