Happy Chanukah [2022 repost]

[2022 Repost] [On 19 December, the first full day.]

[This was one of a series in 2021 which Winter Wallaby posted with different spellings of the name of the holiday.]

[Links at bottom]

Happy Chanukah, if you’re celebrating. (The comics aren’t here as Ewwwws, they’re just fun Chanukah comics.)


  1. I some (Reform) friends a “Happy Hanukkah” e-mail on Thursday, and got a reply that said their house had been unanimously declared a “latke-free-zone”. Tastes appear to vary.
    P.S. Yesterday’s “Rhymes With Orange” seems appropriate for today’s candle comic:

  2. :::woozy: Meaning the titles, or the opening sentence?.

    Everything. Didn’t get we the previous three could be seen as Arlos. Figured seeing basically the same thread with third comic my initial that was the I had first missed it as a browser malfunction. Then finding the earlier one with two, I figured you had simply updated an old thread and forgotten to delete the earlier version. It wasn’t until this fourth post that I figured out what you we’re doing and that it was intentional. Even though in the second post Mitch mentioned it explicitly but I didn’t understand it. At that time with just two I thought the first comic was being repeated in case anyone had missed it.

  3. @ Mitch4 – Thanks for checking the color. Is something about the “like” script messing up the image link (see above) from Arcamax? Normally it should resolve to the image, but all I see is the link (which is of course clickable, but that’s not the intent).

  4. It’s an A tag.

    <a href="https://www.arcamax.com/newspics/cache/lw600/202/20239/2023993.jpg" rel="nofollow ugc">https://www.arcamax.com/newspics/cache/lw600/202/20239/2023993.jpg</a>

  5. One of the women on the Delish YouTube channel has been doing her family favorite Jewish dishes at home:

  6. Kilby: Meaning they weren’t celebrating Hannukah, or they weren’t having latkes?

    When I was in grad school I mostly ate sandwiches and frozen food. At one point I decided to learn how to cook, and borrowed a recipe book from my neighbor. I made matzo ball soup, but I didn’t realize it was supposed to be so broth-heavy, and ended up eating a big pile of matzo balls. Not very good.

    Then I made latkes. I thought it was way too much work just to have hash browns, and it discouraged me from cooking for quite some time.

  7. @ Mitch4 – Is there a reason that WP decided to build an “<A href=…>” tag out of the image URL, instead of just embedding the image? This is the first time that this has happened to me, but I know that WP did it to someone else recently (either you or WW fixed that one, too).
    P.S. @ WW – The friend in question is exceedingly selective about which aspects of the traditions to follow,. The important part was that they got together to celebrate, putting something “traditional” on the table that none of them likes to eat would be asking a bit much.

  8. Kilby, no I don’t know why. If you can use a guess I can guess — but then there is no way of figuring out about it.

    My guess would be: Maybe it wants to see a CR/LF at the end of the line / end of the URL. IOW either more text content on a new line or at least a new line.

  9. Kilby: I’ve known people who put our gefilte fish year after year for Passover, fully aware that no one liked it. 🙂

  10. @ WW – I have met many people who have eaten gefilte fish (I tried it once at a seder, decades ago), but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually claimed to like the stuff.

  11. I go with Chanukah also – the spelling I learned in Hebrew School – is it the Ashkenazi version?

    When I was young my Hebrew school taught Ashkenazi Hebrew. My 2 cousins learned Sephardic Hebrew. At Passover Seders my older cousin would read the four questions in Sephardic, I would read them in Ashkenazi and my younger cousin would read them in English.

  12. Kilby: I have met many people who have eaten gefilte fish (I tried it once at a seder, decades ago), but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually claimed to like the stuff.

    Waves hands wildly. I love the stuff.

    (I’ve heard people claim that nobody likes eggnog in the same dismissive manner but I love the stuff. It might be my favorite part of christmas; if not, it’s in the top five.)

    (And people say the same about mince pies, which I like a lot.)

    (On the other hand; Bill used to say his favorite thing about Christmas was Candy Canes which always surprised me… not that anyone likes candy canes, meh, what’s not to like, but that anyone would have strong feelings about them. Huh, what’s to love? I mean, whats the difference between candy canes and grandma’s peppermint candies other than shape?)

  13. Meryl A: I don’t think the different spellings are related to Ashkenazi vs Sephardic. For one thing, there’s too many of them. And for another, AFAIK, everyone spells it the same way in Hebrew. It’s just the ambiguity of transliterating foreign sounds into English.

  14. I like fruitcake and think the joke isn’t that funny. My mother makes a pretty heavy fruitcake I like in small doses. Fruitcake varies wildly though.

    Yeah, I like fruit cake. But gefilte fish and fruitcake aren’t very similar.

    You know, being proud of disliking food because it’s trendy to isn’t really that clever.

  15. Woozy, the supposed density, toughness, and inedibility of fruitcake is a really ancient meme in all branches of popular culture. Nothin’ trendy about it!

    Personally, I’ve had fruitcake good and bad over the years, and wouldn’t class it with the worst of foods. But that might not stop me from hooking into the standing joke about it!

    Disclaimer: I have no first-hand experience of gefülte fish, lutefisk, or haggis.

  16. I like eggnog. It really needs a shot of alcohol (I prefer rum) to cut the heaviness and sweetness. A grating of fresh nutmeg is a welcome addition.

  17. Actually, I’ve never heard that people aren’t supposed to like gefilte fish. I know people who dislike it just like people dislike canned sardines or liverwurst, but there are lots of people who like it like people who like canned sardines or liverwurst.

    Oh, and by the way. The joke was that SPAM was supposed to be proletariat. The joke was never that SPAM was supposed to be disgusting.

  18. I love pineapple on pizza; like SPAM; mildly like eggnog; mildly dislike fruitcake; and have never hard gefilte fish but hate all forms of fish and seafood so I’m sure I’d hate that too if I did.

    Is that middle of the road enough to have something for everyone to shake head at?

  19. I really like eggnog (usually without the rum), but it’s one of those things that just isn’t available in Germany. You can get candy canes here, but they are just sugar sticks, they don’t put any peppermint into them (as tree decorations, the presence or absence of the mint is irrelevant).

  20. Zack Hill on eggnog:

    (Actually, Zack himself is not in that episode, just his mom and one of the boarders, I don’t remember their names.)

  21. P.S. Judging from my comment @4, above, links to images at Arcamax are not permanent, but have a lifespan of one to two years. This means that anyone who embeds (or posts) comics sourced from Arcamax should perhaps consider an alternate source, or post the image elsewhere first.

    P.P.S. Comics Kingdom is not a viable alternative, the links there are extremely ephemeral, if not entirely blocked by their paywall.

  22. The “Chanukka” post (first in the list of four links) was originally posted on the 14th, a day later than this one (from the 13th), and contained one extra comic:

    The other three links have progressively one fewer comic that their predecessors, but they do contain separate collections of comments.

  23. In your account, it sounds backwards, but I believe the intention was to echo the tradition of the incremental lighting of candles. Maybe it’s just that I listed the links in the wrong order.

  24. @ Mitch – I don’t think the order matters: so far there are five posts visible here so far: this one from the 13th, and then the 10th, 11th, 12th, and 14th in the list above. All that is needed are links to the remaining three days, for the: 15th, 16th, and 17th, and then the collection is complete. (The last one is important, because instead of the incremental comics, it contained a completely different set of “(C)han(n)uk(k)a(h)” spelling excercises.)

  25. Thanks Brian — the link is still valid! [your 4:37 comment]
    (But as you thought, did not embed — it has a query to feed some parameters to the PHP.)

  26. Winter Wallaby – Thank you. I had only known of 2 spellings – as I spelled it and Hanukah – I looked up and found the other versions.

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