1. How did we end up with a second thread with the same title? And one of the same comics. That’s confusing

  2. @ Mitch4 – Cancel that last comment. I misunderstood WW and thought that there really was only one post (that had been redated), but when I couldn’t find Grawlix’s comment in this thread, I finally realized that there were two different posts: this one is called “Chanukkah”, and the other one (with my comment still @1) is “Hanukkah”. (One wonders how “(C)Han(n)uk(k)a(h)” will be spelled tomorrow.)

  3. And this doesn’t include foreign spellings; in France I’ve always seen it as Hanouka (same spelling in Québec, apparently).

  4. Kilby, and Al if he’s reading 😋, we did talk over some options on just how the idea could be worked out, and one option was indeed what you mention: keeping a single thread going, and adding a new comic daily and Updating with that included, and keeping the single comments thread. There were some technical and opportunity-based reasons to decide against that. … Also, creating thread-headlines with a wide panoply of spellings!

  5. And in that spirit, is anybody ready to try for The Twelve Days of Christmas?

    Is that the interval starting from Christmas Day and going on to 06 January?

    Could the posts just add an allusive comic for each day as appropriate? Or would we be stuck with replicating multiple copies?

    Anyhow, thanks to Rob S. and others for suggesting this Tom Falco to anchor a series like that:

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