1. Doorknob. The drawing would be better without it. Oddly, the bladder and the doorknob should switch colors. I wonder if this was a colorist error.

  2. I had to look at two of them twice. I didn’t see the bladder right away (I guess it’s doing a good job hiding). And I misread the bottom one as Santa and thought “Okay they got odd musical gifts. So?”. It didn’t help that I only recognized one of the titles as being associated with Santana.

    And yes, it’s a doorknob.

  3. Yes, I’ve seen those ev’ry year. But, those designs still are on the FRONT. I don’t think in all the catalogs I’ve looked thru or (previously) racks of sweaters I’ve thumbed thru, I’ve seen sweaters with design on the back.

  4. Valuable space left unused where more inept designs could be printed/stitched/knitted for all to gawk at? What a waste! 😉

  5. As a person who likes Christmas sweaters (with no place to wear ’em to anymore) [and Halloween sweaters, too], I can appreciate Alice’s Mom’s sweaters – wouldn’t’ve minded having those myself, when I still went to work.

  6. Tex can read, just not very WELL. If he were totally illiterate, he wouldn’t have thought a salon was a saloon any more than any other business.

  7. Grawlix, the stumbling block we have not been mentioning is that the J- is not actually silent at the beginning of Julio’s name either. (It just has the sound of an H, mostly)

    (For a different and more difficult comparison point , the D- at the beginning of Djuna’s or Django’s name is not silent either. Though saying that it is may be a quick and easy way to communicate to an Anglophone how to pronounce those names when encountered in print,)

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