Sunday Funnies – LOLs, September 26th, 2021 

This Bliss is something of an LOL-Eww.

Sent in as a LOL or semi CIDU-LOL by Chak, who asks “And do we think the bowling bag is important here?”

How annoying, to be mis-speciesed!


  1. I think the bowling bag is important. The guy is obviously on his way to bowl and happens by this guy juggling bowling pins. The bowling bag shows what’s in the bag and the idea he has in his head to mow down the pins with the bowling ball. Without the bag, the guy would look weird walking down the street holding a random bowling ball!

  2. Thanks chipchristian. It’s been so long since I heard “drone” in its original meaning, I had forgotten about it.

    Interesting fact – The whole “zombies eat brains” trope didn’t happen in any of the original “of the dead” movies. George Romero said in an interview that he has no idea how that started.

  3. Ah! I finally get the bowling bag. All I could think of was old tv shows wherein every bowling bag held a severed human head. Along with his expression, the comic seemed more creepy than amusing.

  4. Part of the advantage of the hoodie (they’ve been a regular wardrobe feature since college). is the hood. So if it’s chilly or starts to rain, you have a head covering with you at all times.

  5. First look I thought the guy was walking past with his bowling bag and saw the other guy juggling and was looking at him.

    On second look – the guy with the bowling bag has a rather criminal looking smile on his face – the thought came to me that he is stealing the bag and it remaining contents from the juggling guy.

  6. Ah, Meryl you are saying clearly a position I wasn’t sure whether any previous commenters meant – that it is really a halo and only being suspected as or mistaken for a drone. The majority opinion seems to be that it is really a drone nobody much is fooled by the pretense that it is a halo.

  7. I was about to say that Robert has zip-up sweatshirts which are not hooded and then remembered – he could not find any of same and I had to cut off the hoods of them and refinish the neck edge of the sweatshirts – so there is a good chance that what Brian said is definitely true.

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