1. I was once visiting a computer graphics classroom when the instructor was discussing background patterns and textures. He mentioned moiré patterns and showed a few on his overhead screen. He mentioned that [he thought] the name came from the resemblance to the skin of the Moray eel.

    He moved on before I could raise my hand and offer a correction. Which was lucky for me, as my “correction” was going to be that it was just from a person’s name, some Monsieur Moiré I couldn’t supply any more details for. (It’s not that.)

  2. @ CaroZ – “I am surprised McPherson could pull off such a complicated concept…
    I am not surprised that McPherson had the unmitigated gall to rip off a fairly well-known “Far Side” cartoon:

  3. Ouch, Kilby- I didn’t actually remember that Far Side. It is pretty much a rip-off, though one could argue that McPherson at least adds the new element of the morays socializing around horrified people.

  4. So, the Hammond cartoon says the sinner won’t be allowed to enter Hell until the paperwork is completed… I fail to see what incentive there is to get it done right, or at all! Would they kick him out of Hell if he screws it up forever?

  5. Ohhhhhh – paperwork, my favorite thing! I love paperwork – guess that is why I joined my parents in being an accountant. As a child I used to play with tax forms (only allowed to use the ones from before the current year). I would play library with my books and use the cut off tops of old, blank IT-201 forms (NYS resident long form) as the form for my library patrons (aka victims such as grandparents, younger sister, parents, and other family and friends who made the mistake of coming over while I was playing same) fill it in with name, address etc and then put their assigned library card number into the space for one’s Social Security number – and then write them out a card on a little piece of paper.

    By 12 years old I was adding up payroll record books for dad from his clients. I love paperwork – even if I do so on the computer these days. I do more paperwork for husband’s craft sales whether at shows or from his Etsy site than I am sure anyone else does – there is a perfect set of books as if he was a business big enough to have same and that he makes enough sales to bother.

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