(Recovered suggestion box item) Diamonds are for a while

In January of 2018 CIDU Bill implemented a Contact form page*, and during February 2018 a few readers used that form to send in their suggestions for cartoons to run and analyze on CIDU. We recently stumbled on that cache, and will be running three.

Thanks to timharrod for suggesting this Mutt & Jeff. He notes ‘The price of the earrings changes and the “joke” seems to be “You want good thing? Well, you get bad thing” with no wit or twist.’

BTW, this “printing” at GoComics was from 2018, but the original seems to be 1991, not some ancient run of Mutt & Jeff. I now forget what we decided was the way to use these similar tags, but I’m calling this Rerun rather than Retro or Classic.

*Original Contact form now at https://cidu.info/contact/ . Updated Suggest-A-CIDU form page now at https://cidu.info/suggest-a-cidu/

Mister Miller [OT]


This brings back memories of Mister Miller who, in 1967 would tip me a dime for delivering coffee to his office (my father owned a Chock Full o’ Nuts restaurant), and place it in my palm just like this, as if he were Rockefeller rewarding me with a small fortune. He didn’t say “Don’t spend it all in one place,” but he might as well have.

Even in 1967 this was a pitiful tip, and carrying a bag full of coffee cups three blocks certainly took more than a minute.

Fifty-three years later I still remember you, you cheap SOB.