Do the mash

I felt sure CIDU had somewhere printed this Bizarro:

But apparently not. It must have felt familiar because I had seen it the previous week in several places already (email, CK, Wayno’s blog, Piraro’s blog, …). But apparently not right here on these pages.

Why was I looking for it? So that I might drop into a comment on whatever post or thread the Bizarro appeared in, this 1991 Far Side, featuring the same deadly weapon, appearing just recently on the current Far Side archive site.

Repetitive asynchronicity

I don’t mind an occasional re-run, but it gets a little more interesting when an artist decides to re-draw a strip.

Here’s the Non-Sequitur from Valentine’s Day:

It seemed awfully familiar, and I soon discovered that Wiley had already done a strip with exactly the same joke (2019-11-01):

(This time on All Saints’ Day, which doesn’t seem quite as appropriate.)

The really weird thing is that Wiley had already done exactly the same strip (but in monochrome) a full twenty years before (1999-01-26):

Either Wiley is completely forgetting his own archive, or he is being unusually careful about getting this joke “perfect”.