Do the mash

I felt sure CIDU had somewhere printed this Bizarro:

But apparently not. It must have felt familiar because I had seen it the previous week in several places already (email, CK, Wayno’s blog, Piraro’s blog, …). But apparently not right here on these pages.

Why was I looking for it? So that I might drop into a comment on whatever post or thread the Bizarro appeared in, this 1991 Far Side, featuring the same deadly weapon, appearing just recently on the current Far Side archive site.


  1. And, in a further synchronicity, Dan’s newsletter this week was all about him plagiarizing a cartoon. Just sayin’.

  2. You guys, thanks for mentioning the Dan Piraro newsletter (or blog —, where generally I read it). I hadn’t read this week’s yet until seeing your comments.

    A cool feature this week was the blowups of some areas, to show some background jokes. I liked the names for the rubber gloves.

    Also interesting, giving the copying discussion, was the way he kept reproducing the same reply to the multiple instances of readers pointing out problems with the count of the “secret symbols”. There are some people who seem to count repeating yourself as a sin just below actual plagiarism, and this should count as defiance of that opinion.

  3. I think Larsen did it better, because “masher” also means “a man who makes passes at women; a philanderer, a Lothario, a wolf.”

  4. @ Carl – But perhaps rather more difficult for a resident of Oklahoma, which Dan Piraro once was. Luckily, Wayno lives in Pittsburgh (and not Florida).

  5. Not only is cross-dressing easily for Mr. Potato Head … well, if you remember the cartoon where he says “Oh darn, I left it at home” you know what I don’t have to say.

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