OT: History on Film

B.A.: Movies about historical events, when they aren’t completely fanciful, tend to play fast-and-loose with facts, creating characters and scenes out of whole cloth. Sometimes the changes are cringe-worthy, as with Clint Eastwood’s horrifying libel of journalist Kathy Scruggs last year, or crediting Churchill’s resolve to stand up to Hitler to a chance encounter in the Underground with a ten-year-old girl (which I believe was discussed, for some reason, right here).

So my question is: Can anybody name an historical (or biographical) film that stuck completely to the facts, at least in every meaningful way?

[OT] Movie and Television Suggestions

B.A.: One advantage we have being trapped at home today, as opposed to during the pandemic of 100 years ago, is access to a limitless number of movies and television shows. So what will you all be watching, and what have you watched in the past that you’d strongly recommend to others?

Hunters (on Amazon Prime) was recommended to me this morning, and last night I recommended both The Good Place (NBC, available on Hulu) and Orphan Black (Amazon Prime). I’ll add others in Comments as I think of them.

Last Lines [OT]

Since we’ve been talking about endings and finales lately… Any candidates for “final line of a film that people know even if they’ve never seen the film”?

I’m pretty sure “It’s people!” ranks highest on the “People know the final line” > “People who know the movie” ratio.

Probably “Forget it, Jake…” is fairly high as well.

Your thoughts? As you can tell, I’m leaving off the names of the films because we are, after all, discussing their final lines, and you can’t get much more spoilerish than that.

[OT]A Marvelous idea?

Okay, so it occurred to me… since Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars, there’s probably nothing legally preventing them from having Han Solo lead the Avengers. Or having the Black Panther and Tarzan team up.

I’m not saying this would be a good idea, necessarily, though on the other hand it could be kind of cool.

So today’s question is: What Disney/Marvel/Star Wars team-up would you be tempted to see even if deep down you knew it could be a disaster?