[OT] Movie and Television Suggestions

B.A.: One advantage we have being trapped at home today, as opposed to during the pandemic of 100 years ago, is access to a limitless number of movies and television shows. So what will you all be watching, and what have you watched in the past that you’d strongly recommend to others?

Hunters (on Amazon Prime) was recommended to me this morning, and last night I recommended both The Good Place (NBC, available on Hulu) and Orphan Black (Amazon Prime). I’ll add others in Comments as I think of them.

[Very OT] Tweets I Don’t Understand

Following news that Baltimore’s mayor resigned after using her influence to force various agencies to spend hundreds of thousands of copies of a children’s books she wrote, Baltimore-based television writer/director/producer David Simon tweeted

To everyone coming @ me and demanding a season six of The Wire about Catherine Pugh, her ridiculous kiddie-books-as-shakedown and the rank complicity of Baltimore medical systems and charities and such in this citywide grift, let’s be clear: Full stop. No. I don’t do half-hour.

Does he mean he considers this to be a sitcom plot?