[OT] Movie and Television Suggestions

B.A.: One advantage we have being trapped at home today, as opposed to during the pandemic of 100 years ago, is access to a limitless number of movies and television shows. So what will you all be watching, and what have you watched in the past that you’d strongly recommend to others?

Hunters (on Amazon Prime) was recommended to me this morning, and last night I recommended both The Good Place (NBC, available on Hulu) and Orphan Black (Amazon Prime). I’ll add others in Comments as I think of them.


  1. Robert has been keeping his sanity (barely) watching BBC America during weekdays – each day has a different Star Trek series on all day. Last Friday and Saturday he watched a Harry Potter marathon on USA. Evenings and late night he watches the shows he would normally watch then.

  2. First Saturday night we were home he went looking on Roku for a movie to watch that we had not seen and would like to see – trying to prove to me how wonderful it is. After half an hour a movie that we have seen went past – on the third channel it was listed on – and I suggested we watch it – “Leap of Faith”.

    So we watched it on Roku and every ten minutes (literally) there were 5 ads, often the same ad run 5 times in a row in the same set of ads and most of them were for items/services not available here.. (Yes, I know one can pay to avoid the ads – but we have had the boxes over a year and a half and the only other time we used them was in late 2018 when he hurt shoulder.) It added about half an hour to movie running length. I pointed out that we have could have just watched the movie on the DVD we have of it and avoided the commercials and saved the half hour.

    I do recommend the movie. Most of the time he is not being “a wild and crazy guy” and when he is, it the character who is being so.

  3. The National Theatre has released (temporarily) their farce One Man, Two Guvs, with James Corden, onto their YouTube channel. Very funny stuff.

    It’s nice how so many people are opening their vaults this month. For those who haven’t heard, HBO is unlocking several of their more popular series, like The Sopranos and The Wire to non-customers (with no sign-in, so it’s not a trial membership you have to remember to cancel).

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