1. I have the general memory that Broadway Joe did some celeb stunt ads for stockings or pantyhose, which included him wearing them for some pictures. But I don’t recall seeing them, or whether this take on The Graduate was among them at the time (as opposed to a modern retro parody).

    BTW, the New York Giants’ Steve Tannen was in my high school graduating class.

  2. The question here is which is the bigger geezer reference: Joe Namath or The Graduate. I think I’d say it’s Namath, even though he’s slightly more recent and still does a bit of acting. The Graduate is probably more generally pervasive in the public consciousness than a couple of 40+ year old pantyhose ads.

  3. IIRC, Namath wore pantyhose during games to keep warm. (Yes, I’m a geezer. I even saw him play.)
    Great caption.

  4. I got the Graduate thing, but was completely unaware of the Namath pantyhose ad until I saw Raymond A Levesque’s comment.

  5. Looking it up — that commercial aired one year before I was born. So… given that I’m a geezer, and that predates not only my consciousness of pop culture, but my actual existence, and it doesn’t have the cultural importance of the Graduate, I’mma gonna have to go with definitely a geezer reference…

  6. @ Dann Boy – Please get your mind out of the gutter. While you’re at it, please get mine out, too. (I thought exactly the same thing.)

  7. Is there something oddly suggestive about the shadow of the electric candelabrum in the upper left?

    Only to someone with a filthy mind. Yeah, I see what you mean.

  8. I’d say neither transcends the other; both were iconic in the ancient days, and I think the combination makes for a better gag now that it would have back then.

    Danny Boy, Kilby, & Brian: A journalism ethics professor once told us that a journalist has a duty to have a dirty mind. Then he showed us some actual headlines that anyone in this crowd would have immediately flagged. One involved the phrase “eat out.”

  9. We went to Hofstra. Jets practiced there. Namath “in his red Cadillac” almost ran Robert over once. Would also see him around the campus.

  10. I’m confused.

    The ad posted by Raymond in the first reply is not for pantyhose or stockings; it’s for a spray. In fact, Namath specifically says in the ad he doesn’t wear pantyhose.

    So why is everyone (including the strip) talking about Namath wearing pantyhose?

  11. A better version of the commercial.

    I’m old enough to have been watching TV when this aired but have only vague memories of it.

    I think this is very funny with the caption, for those of us of a certain age. But any jokes with pop culture references are like that. The kids today don’t really get any of my Gilligan’s Island jokes.

  12. Yes, Mitch4, I sure did. I think I got distracted by paying work. I do my best, but I must bend to the will of the paymaster. Here is a higher-quality version of the Namath commercial.

  13. Thanks!
    This makes clear that “Beautymist” may be the product line, but the brand is still Hanes, as some of us were remembering.

  14. The Namath/pantyhose thing got started, as I recall, when he said he wore stockings under his uniform for warmth.

  15. Then his line “I don’t wear pantyhose” is code for “I’m not a ***”, an important message for the day. That’s why there is the lady kissing him at the end too, I guess.

  16. I never noticed the shadow, but I’m sure it’s deliberate. Set dressers often put things in that suggest or echo what will happen in the movie. By the way, I don’t think the movie “The Graduate” has aged well. Is the message supposed to be “If you stalk the woman you want, she’ll elope with you, regardless of what you and her mother did”?

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