[OT]A Marvelous idea?

Okay, so it occurred to me… since Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars, there’s probably nothing legally preventing them from having Han Solo lead the Avengers. Or having the Black Panther and Tarzan team up.

I’m not saying this would be a good idea, necessarily, though on the other hand it could be kind of cool.

So today’s question is: What Disney/Marvel/Star Wars team-up would you be tempted to see even if deep down you knew it could be a disaster?


  1. An obvious candidate would be Donald Duck and Howard the Duck.

    (Reads what he just wrote; screams and tries to run away from his own brain. . . .)

  2. “Love Actually” remake with Princess Jasmine/Aladdin, Princess Leia/Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Sue Storm/Reed Richards/Tony Stark, Princess Elsa/the other one/Gustav/Olaf, Peter Parker/Mary Jane/Gwen Stacey.

  3. Pete, I’m not sure if that’s the most brilliant thing or if you completely missed the point. I’m assuming the former.

  4. Disney also owns what used to be known as Twentieth Century Fox, and The Muppets as well.

    So, how about a Muppets / Baby Yoda team-up? Throw in cameos of Stewie and Brian from Family Guy and Bart from The Simpsons and you’ll have a real winner!

  5. Ant Man and the Wasp get stuck at small size and are captured by some bad guy; Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers have to save them.

    Elsa doesn’t need to join the X-Men — they already have Bobby Drake. However, she’d be real helpful in the Avengers. An Elsa/Black Panther teamup could be fun, since they’re both monarchs and could actually be leading entire armies.

  6. @ SingaporeBill – Could you please explain the “brilliant” interpretation of Pete’s “Rogue One” suggestion, because I sure don’t understand it.

  7. Gladly, Kilby.

    There is a Marvel superhero called Rogue. One of the X-Men. Mostly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_(Marvel_Comics)

    There is a comic book character called The One. The work was published in the ’80s by Epic, which was an imprint owned by Marvel but existing outside their main continuity. It published creator-owned works and did not own the characters. So I’m not sure if The One would be included in Disney’s Marvel purchase, but there is a connection, anyway. You could say The One’s Disney Number is 2. https://www.vulture.com/2018/02/the-one-creator-rick-veitch-talks-superheroes-and-9-11.html

    “Rogue One” is a Star Wars-themed movie that many people seem to like.

    So, Pete’s “Rogue One” suggestion, rather than missing the point actually brings two Marvel-connected characters (one well-known, one obscure) and a Star Wars movie. To get it, though, you need some arcane comic book knowledge *hangs head in shame*.

  8. Synergy isn’t a Disney monopoly (yet). Time Warner has cranked out direct-to-videos in which Tom and Jerry wander into the MGM “Wizard of Oz” (twice) and go adventuring with Jonny Quest; published comic books of the Looney Tunes gang mixing it up with the DC superheroes; and introduced Scooby Doo to KISS. Before Disney bought Marvel the Punisher did a one-shot crossover into Archie comics, chasing a killer who was a ringer for Archie Andrews. Prince Valiant adroitly managed a brief visit by a time-hopping Flash Gordon, with Flash never tipping his name or his place in the future. And the current incarnation of the Dick Tracy strip has featured guest turns by Orphan Annie, Daddy Warbucks, Mary Perkins, Steve Roper, and even Mr. Magoo.

  9. It’s not a classic “mash up”, but using Marvel’s film experience, Disney could create a live-action version of Pixar’s “Incredibles” (preferably using a completely new script, rather than just remaking either of the first two movies).
    P.S. Thanks to SingaporeBill for filling in the arcane comic book lore of which I am woefully (but happily) ignorant.

  10. I got lucky, Kilby. My arcane comic book knowledge ends about 1987. After that I just have a vague understanding of comic book knowledge, all second or third hand. They’re like soap operas, though. Nothing really changes.

  11. @Shrug, so you’re implying that I didn’t read carefully and posted utter nonsense? Well, yes, that’s correct. Sorry. I hate Howard the Duck so much that my brain won’t register the phrase sometimes, I guess.

  12. Peter Porker, Spider-pig from The Simpsons Movie, Muppets’ Pigs in Space, and Disney’s Three Little pigs (… or maybe Moana’s Pua the pig?)

  13. El Cucui — to throw in the Star Wars properties, maybe they could be joined by the guards at Jabba’s palace?

  14. Right, Pumba would have been better… and/or Pixar’s/Ratzenberger’s Hammy… and the Jabba palace guards are a perfect addition, thanks.

    I’m impressed at the availability of pig options… I tried osine options, what with there being an over-abundance of Disney bears… But crossing platforms, there’s Fozzie… And then…? (checks internet for Marvel bear-characters) Ursa Major? Ewoks/Wookies?

    Intrigued by the possibility of raccoon theme, I got Rocket, then Poccahontus’ raccoon buddy, … Then a dead end.

    Tried dogs (Goofy/Pluto, Rolph, Santa’s Little Helper, then what from Marvel and Star Wars?) … or cats (Aristocats (& too many others), Black Panther, Snowball, eye-patch-wearing Muppets theater cat, … then Star Wars?)

    I think a robot theme might work well… or insects actually (Bug’s Life, the Muppets’ shrimp character, Mantis, that fly-headed thing in the Canteena scene)

    But pigs seems to work best…oddly?

  15. So far, I recognize Donald and Daffy Duck . . . after that, I’m lost.

    Maybe pigs ’cause they’re ‘close’ to humans (a good friend of mine a heart valve made of a pig valve? Is that possible?)

  16. I am so sick of comic book movies. I realize the studios (or studio, as it’s getting to be) make gobs of dough off of this genre, and they sure are milking it for all it’s worth. But please, a little more for the rest of us. Wife and I went to see a few actual cinema movies recently, quite enjoyable after avoiding the theaters due to shell shock for so long.

  17. Just out of curiosity how many films have been based on comic strips?

    I’m wondering how an XKCD adaptation might work. In 3-D. 🙂

  18. “Just out of curiosity how many films have been based on comic strips? ”

    A lot.

    IMDB lists 996 titles for feature films with keyword “based on comic” and 829 with keyword “based on comic book.” There’s some overlap there, 328 titles have both keywords. So that’s 996 + 829 – 328 = 1497. That’s not including shorts or TV series.

    Movies based on comic strips are almost as old as cinema, with probably the first being Trouble in Hogan’s Alley (1900)


  19. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, there were the Blondie series, Toots and Casper, the Popeye and Superman cartoons, guest appearances of Henry, Jimmy and The Little King — and Popeye — in Betty Boop cartoons, the Batman and Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy serials … there must have been hundreds. And then the newspaper comic strips based on movies, like the Star Wars comic strip in the 1970’s, and of course the comic strip based on not any particular movie but rather the idea of movies: Thimble Theater.

  20. Back when they got Star Wars we came up with Boba Fett vs Beaker. Somewhat ironically they came up with The Mandalorian. (and yes I’m using it correctly, but kind of a long explanation)

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