1. There are two, as far as the IMDB and Google can tell me: Carl Reiner (98 just 8 days ago) and Barrie Chase (86, but long retired from Hollywood)

  2. From IMDB

    With the death of Mickey Rooney on April 6, 2014, no surviving members of the main cast are left. Since the passing of John Clarke on October 16, 2019, Carl Reiner, Nicholas Georgiade, and Barrie Chase are the only surviving members of the complete cast.

  3. Carl Reiner is a trick answer; he is heard over police radio, but a acenevin which he appeared onscreen was cut.

  4. Chak, I haven’t left the house in two weeks!

    Besides, a lot of us are stuck, so every bit of diversion is a good thing.

  5. Carl Reiner is indeed the correct answer.

    I asked my wife and she said “Betty White wasn’t in it, was she?”

  6. Are we sure The Wandering Jew wasn’t in a crowd scene somewhere? I mean, isn’t he usually?

  7. Nicholas Georgiade (minor role as a police detective) was uncredited, as was Reiner. So, the ‘correct’ answer is two, but going by credited performers, Barrie Chase is the last.

  8. If you’re playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” you can link up just about anyone to anyone with that movie. Andy Devine, Stan Freberg, Joe E. Brown, Leo Gorcey, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson ….

  9. @ Brian – “a [scene in] which he appeared onscreen was cut.
    There is a reasonably good chance that the scene may have been replaced in the “restored” version that was released on DVD not too long ago.

  10. Carl Reiner was one of the controllers in the tower at the Rancho Conejo airport. He was definitely in the version that Turner Classic Movies ran this week.

  11. That was one of the best comedy movies EVER. I would have sworn that I remembered Jimmy Durante saying “He kicked the bucket” in that iconic voice of his, but it turns out that he just physically kicked it and no one said that line.

  12. Bill, I wasn’t complaining.

    My sympathies to all who are home-bound and not used to it. Nothing much has changed for me. But I think you all should try counting your blessings. In a few weeks you’ll all be running around with never enough time for everything, wishing there were just a few more hours in the day. We all have computers (thank Dog!) and we’re not really socially distanced, we’re just physically distanced. No big deal, is it?

  13. Just saw the movie on TV (yet again) this past week – it was listed on TCM’s free per view from our cable co – and I needed something funny to watch.

    First time I saw it was during the original run with my family at a drive in theater in York, PA – we drove over from Lancaster to see it – not only my first trip to Lancaster, but my first trip anywhere.

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