1. There was a TV show called “Northern Lights” which attracted a pretty involved fan base, for those days, but often with a love/hate attitude. I won’t right now go off on any of the things that were so awful, but will mention as among the wonderful things that it had a lot of trebuchet play.

    That’s where I heard of trebuchet at all in the first place, and learned they differed from catapults. Fans on the Internet (meaning largely rec.arts.tv) shared articles and drawings and plans for trebuchets. It was a thing, man.

  2. @ Mitch4 – I’m not sure I understand Arlo’s interaction with the cat. Can you (or anyone else) explain it to me (and Bill)?
    P.S. As I am writing this, it just so happens that the neighbor’s cat is sleeping in my son’s bed.

  3. @Mitch: I think you mean “Northern Exposure”, not Lights.

    @Kilby: Janis is talking to Arlo. Instead Luddy has made Arlo move as though she had been talking to him. Not really much cat-specific behavior involved.

  4. Thanks, esp DemetriosX and Downpuppy, I of course had in mind Northern Exposure. (Probably Northern Lights was primed for me recently as the original title of The Golden Compass.)

    Also I agree with the explanations of the charming A&J. What I thought particularly well done was that it doesn’t -quite- require us to accept that Luddy understands English and has mistaken Janis’s remark as addressed to him and with “him” referring to Arlo – – though the resulting arrangement is as though that had been the case and he had followed the advice, making Arlo move.

  5. The underlying simulator is nice, but the set up is way to bossy and restrictive — just let me play with the damn thing, figure it out, not give me 5 restrictive tries and then tell me stuff that I could have figured out if you’d let me play! And no, I don’t want to move on to accuracy until I’ve fully understood distance, and how each variable I can tweak affects it. I kept resetting the game so I could go back and play with the settings some more, but after a while that just got too tedious, when I only get five tries before I have to go through the damn clicks and reset it — again!

    So all in all, might be a nice simulator, but they don’t really encourage you to PLAY with it… :-/

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