1. For all we know, Bratton could have drawn this 15 years ago: he never dates anything, and his GoComics archive is not searchable for text tags.
    P.S. I don’t care whether it’s a matter of professional ethics or simple politeness, I would have enjoyed this panel a lot more if there had been an “Apologies to Schulz” tucked in the corner.

  2. Logan’s Run – 1976
    Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown – 1977
    Coincidence? I think not.

  3. If Ustinov quoted from the book, wouldn’t that mean the book had already been in print before the movie ?

  4. catladymac, the *stage play* Cats was based on T. S. Eliot’s poems. It’s quite old. I think Downpuppy is implying that if Cats had been in production, Ustinov would have quoted that rather than the original.

  5. Kilby, even if he’d drawn this 15 years ago, that would have been 30 years after the film.

  6. @ Bill – Quite true. However, in all the years that I’ve been following CIDU, I have never seen a PCST panel that made me think “Wow, I really should add PCST to my reading list.“, but there have been plenty of panels (including this one) that made me think “Boy, I’m sure glad that PCST is not on my reading list.” It’s not as bad as the intellectual masochism involved in reading “Close to Home”, but still: why bother?

  7. P.S. @ B.A. – You have a point, but I wouldn’t expect him to apologize to Roddenberry for a Star Trek joke. In the case of “Peanuts”, though, he’s borrowing fron a fellow cartoonist.

  8. @ Bill – To each his own. You disliked the fact that the reference was hopelessly dated. That didn’t bother me as much as the the courtesy issue, but beyond all of this, the primary problem with this panel is that it’s just not that funny.

  9. Looking elsewhere… <peers into mirror> … perhaps the primary issue is that all this very entertaining self-isolation is turning me into a grumpy curmudgeon, like Calvin’s grandpa (in a strip that appeared 15 years before PCST ever started):

  10. Kilby, it’s easy to be grumpy when we’re going through THE @$!# END OF THE WORLD.

    That said, I might use that final C&H panel as my new icon.

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