1. I’m not sure who is holding whom up, nor is it clear who is male and/or female, but ut seems obvious that the circle of pillows is intended as an emergency landing strip in case labor starts unexpectedly. This is (literally) helicopter parenting before even becoming a parent, and does not bode well for the poor kid.

  2. He’s overprotective of his pregnant wife. (The bat is the male; the hedgehog is the female.)

  3. P.S. When I went to look for some context associated with this strip, I discovered that the “January 14th” date is both correct and misleading: it was originally published in 2017.

  4. This is an old strip. Fenton is extremely protective and as he flies her around (something she loves and part of their romance) he is anxious that as she gains “baby weight” he does not want her falling and getting hurt. I think that is all there is to it…

  5. But there’s no statute of limitations on a comic needing some clarification! 🙂

    BTW after years of seeing people write “statue” for “statute” in that or similar contexts, I finally the other day saw in TV CC subtitling the reverse substitution.

  6. I like the CIDU-supplied title. The “… for two” frame is traditional for a pregnant woman and her developing child, for example (and most commonly) “she’s eating for two now”. (Don’t mistake it as meaning the two adult creatures, even though indeed in a way the bat is flying them both.)

  7. Comic timelines have nothing to do with reality, so it’s no surprise that the prediction in this strip (“eight months”) was a little off: Turvy was born almost exactly seven months later, in mid-August (2017). Of course, in “reality” the gestation period for a hedgehog is just one month, and for bats it is generally just under two months.

  8. @ Grawlix – I have no idea whether she (later) develops into a 100% hedgehog, but in the strip I linked above, she definitely has quills.

  9. And the name “Fenton” reminded me of a famous incident involving a dog of that name. I’m posting it here as I have no idea how much traction it got outside of the UK. Basically someone was filming deer in Richmond Park, London, when he heard someone shouting “Fenton!”, and panned round to see what was going on.

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