1. I’m assuming he interjected a change of subject to change the context of her “but” clause before she could say it. But I don’t get said clause in either context.

  2. Maybe “jumping around” means “changing the subject”, and it’s not what she was originally going to say as her ‘but’.

  3. It being Arlo, I assumed it had something to do with him jumping around while cooking and the effect that had on his “but”…

    But I also haven’t had any coffee yet today so take that with… more coffee…

  4. He inconsistently cooks. He jumps around from cooking, to puttering in the garage, to whatever other interests and hobbies he has. Sounds like she would prefer consistency so she knows whether she needs to cook or not.

  5. In this one, what is Arlo mostly missing about “hanging around” the women’s changing rooms? Perhaps not something about Janis, as he’s got that here at home. Is he allowed to enjoy watching other women? Or just the enjoyment of the general hustle and bustle, and Janis amid all that?

  6. When he used to have to wait at the changing rooms he got to see all the women coming out and showing what they were wearing to their significant others?

    I don’t think I ever shopped in a store which had seating outside the changing room. I also rarely took Robert (or either of my two earlier beaus) clothes shopping with me – exception would be for expensive item – such as he came with me – and HIS parents – when I was getting a wedding gown at a seamstress he mother knew. (Figured better to humor his mom when I didn’t care at all – would have preferred a much simpler wedding and my mom trusted me to deal with it myself since I was 26.)

  7. @Mitch & Meryl – there’s a large, well known chain of clothes shops here in the UK (shrinking rapidly now, of course), which sells both men’s and women’s clothing. But to a demographic where the men are mostly of the attitude “it’s a shirt, it’s my size, I like the colour, I’ll buy it”, or “it’s a pair of grey trousers, they fit, I’ll buy them”. And said men did end up hanging about while their partners invested orders of magnitude more time into choosing clothes.

    I was in one of their larger stores once, and they had a huge screen running videos of models displaying their lingerie and swimwear, and a lot of comfy chairs.

    Heaven forbid that they should have been encouraging a “no, that’s fine darling, you take as long as you like, I don’t mind waiting for you, I’ll just sit down here” attitude….

  8. Mike P – Actually that demographic is about how I shop. I need new tee shirts – what colors do they have in my size i don’t have. Need jeans – where are the ones I bought last time (actually not carried in Walmart any longer and had to order from manufacturer and they are bit a different and needed better elastic for the waist and more cut off the leg to shorten/hem them). New underpants – where are the ones I always buy. Big problem they no longer make the socks I always buy – have taught myself darning to deal with this. Same boys black skateboard sneakers, same bedroom slippers. I have 3 of what is basically the same blue winter jacket as I replace the last one when it gets too worn with a duplicate. When something gets discontinued Robert is miserable as we try to find substitutes for me.

    And I would LOVE to shop for anything alone – have not been in a store alone in over 2 years and before that I was only out two days a month on my own.

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